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Which Bathroom Vanity Materials Should You Choose?

If you plan to install or replace vanity cabinets, you have a lot of options in bathroom vanity materials to choose from for both the cabinets and countertop of your new bathroom vanity. Each material has different looks, practical benefits, and costs. Weinstein Collegeville will highlight a few popular materials for bathroom vanities and the advantages of each one.

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4 Small Storage Ideas To Help Organize Your Bathroom

Whether you are planning a full remodel or are preparing for spring cleaning, the bathroom can always be improved with better storage and organization. For some, space is at a premium, which can make cleaning and reorganizing more of a challenge. Thankfully, plenty of small storage options are available that help you better organize your bathroom necessities and match your ideal bathroom design. Here are 4 small storage ideas for your bathroom.

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Bathroom Storage Solutions for a Minimalist Style Look

The minimalist style embraces simplicity, function, and natural materials to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere. When applied in the bathroom, minimalist bathroom storage solutions can further streamline the space by decreasing clutter and add consistent style and finishes. Our showroom consultants can help you find the best minimalist bathroom fixtures, from trusted brands like Kohler, and more.

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How to Pick the Perfect Faucet to Match Your Bathroom Storage Solutions

Whether you are designing your bathroom from the ground up or looking to improve your bathroom space with better bathroom storage solutions, having the perfect faucet can make all the difference. Our selection of faucets at our bath and kitchen showroom in Collegeville include top brands, including a wide array of Kohler bathroom sink faucets with various design and finish combinations for an expression of your personal style. Here are our tips for finding the best faucet for your space.

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Collegeville Bathroom Storage Solutions – Make Your Bathroom Come Alive with Beautiful Faucet Finishes

When designing an elegant bathroom for day-to-day use, one might focus on aspects such as bathroom storage solutions, bathtub selections, and plumbing. However, one way to rejuvenate your bathroom’s décor is through the choice of finish on your faucets and other fixtures. You will find there are far more options than traditional stainless steel, and they can add immense visual appeal to any bathroom.

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Weinstein Supply Tailors Bathroom Cabinets & Storage to Meet the Unique, Changing Needs of Homeowners

Collegeville, PA – According to Kohler, an internationally renowned kitchen and lavatory products manufacturer, vendors are now changing bathroom and kitchen areas to meet the specific needs of homeowners. While this may be a new strategy for some vendors, Weinstein Bath & Kitchen Showroom in Collegeville has been using this practice almost as long as they’ve been in business when they first opened their doors in 1922 as regional plumbing and heating supply house.

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