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Bathroom Storage Solutions for a Minimalist Style Look

The minimalist style embraces simplicity, function, and natural materials to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere. When applied in the bathroom, minimalist bathroom storage solutions can further streamline the space by decreasing clutter and add consistent style and finishes. Our showroom consultants can help you find the best minimalist bathroom fixtures, from trusted brands like Kohler, and more.

Why Are Homeowners Drawn to the Minimalist Style?

The simple elegance of a minimalist style is appealing to many homeowners who want to reduce the feeling of chaos in the bathroom. Sleek and understated elements can often make the space feel more open, inviting, and relaxing. By reducing belongings down to the essential elements, homeowners can better control the clutter that can quickly get out of hand.

Start Big and Slim Down

Before you pick out your storage options, you want to make sure the rest of the space fits into the minimalist design. For best effect, opt for sleek and slender fixtures. Keep in mind that minimalist style often involves paring down to the essentials. For example, you could switch out an old clunky tub for a curbless shower and water tiles.

Small Understated Accents

The key to a functioning minimalist bathroom is the design impact of the hardware and other accents.  Sleek and modern faucets, handles, and accessories further streamline the room’s look, as well as installing touch latches or understated hardware on doors and drawers. Geometric shapes and smooth lines convey minimalism in bathroom fixtures.

Out of Sight But Within Reach

A common misconception about minimalist design is avoiding the need to store things by removing anything that is not essential. Instead of doing without your beauty products, or having to retrieve them from other spaces, consider installing low profile cabinets with flush handles and hinges instead.

Multi-Purpose Bathroom Storage Solutions

When designing your bath, consider items that offer multiple uses. For example, a sleek chair can hold a simple basket with soaps and a towel, or add interest with bold accents such as chrome shelves and hardware. The Kohler Purist collection, for example, combines simple architectural forms with elements of relaxed minimalism for the bathroom, especially suited for creating a tranquil home spa.

Draw inspiration from nature and enjoy the beauty of simplicity with elegant, minimalist bathroom storage solutions. For more information and to begin designing your next project, please contact the professionals at Weinstein Bath & Kitchen Showroom today!

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