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How to Pick the Perfect Faucet to Match Your Bathroom Storage Solutions

Whether you are designing your bathroom from the ground up or looking to improve your bathroom space with better bathroom storage solutions, having the perfect faucet can make all the difference. Our selection of faucets at our bath and kitchen showroom in Collegeville include top brands, including a wide array of Kohler bathroom sink faucets with various design and finish combinations for an expression of your personal style. Here are our tips for finding the best faucet for your space.

Consider Your Needs

In order to find a faucet that best suits your lifestyle, look for a fixture according to your personal style and needs. Available space, faucet height, and budget limit are also important factors. At our showroom, we provide bathroom faucets with a wide variety of handles, colors and finishes to choose from. Color options range from chrome, nickel and black to gold, bronze and brass. Finish options include polished, brushed, oil-rubbed, and satin. Whether you’re looking for a widespread, center-set, or wall-mount faucet, the faucet you select can have a profound impact on your bathroom design. For example, Kohler’s undermount sink can provide a sleek, modern aesthetic.

Installation Requirements

How and where the faucet needs to be installed will play a large role in the type you can get. Unless you are building from the ground up, it may be more cost-effective to use your current plumbing supply lines. Common installation options include:

  • Center-mount
  • Single-hole
  • Wall-mount
  • Under-mount
  • Widespread

Handle Types

First, you need to decide if you prefer a single-handle or a double. A double-handled faucet allows you greater control over the water temperature, while a single reduces the risks of burns. Once you have decided on the type of handle, you can pick which style fits your personal tastes. Handle styles can include:

  • Lever
  • Cross
  • Knob

Visual Appeal

You will find dozens of options on the market for finishes and colors of bathroom faucets. When it comes to picking out the best match for the style of your space, consider the following:

  • Do you want the faucet to stand out or blend in?
  • Should the faucet match the other bathroom storage solutions?
  • What materials, colors, and finishes do you prefer?

Other Considerations

Your bathroom faucet can help you reduce your impact on the environment. Water-conserving faucets, such as low flow or WaterSense-labeled, use 45% less water than other faucets. You may also need to consider accessibility, in which case you want a faucet that is ADA-compliant.

The right faucet can stand as a focal point or complement the rest of your bathroom. For more information about bathroom storage solutions and products, please contact the team at Weinstein Bath & Kitchen Showroom today!

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