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Free Water Testing

We will provide free water testing for you if you bring a sample into our showroom in Collegeville, PA. The analysis is fast and includes a test for hardness, pH, and a list of recommended systems to treat your water for protection of your family and plumbing.

Test Your Water at Weinstein Supply Showroom

How is your water quality? Treating your water will help to prevent contaminants and other elements.

Test Your Water for Hardness

White marks or stains and scale on your sinks, bath tubs, faucets, and shower heads can be signs of hard water. Water with low pH is considered acid water, which can cause damage to sinks, faucets, and hot water tanks.

Weinstein Supply in Collegeville will provide a complimentary water analysis to determine the hardness and pH of your home’s water. Customers may drop off a small sample of water from their home, and within a few minutes, we will provide the homeowner with a complimentary written analysis as to the water’s hardness and pH, as well as a recommendation for the right water softening system to protect your home’s faucets, fixtures, pipes, and water heater.

Water Treatment and Pumps

Water conditioning and purification to protect your customer’s family, or to protect the plumbing/heating system, is readily available. We’ll even test your water!

Make an appointment to test your water today!