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Plumbing and Heating Supply Counter

We offer a wide array of heating and plumbing supply products including fittings, tools, pipe, tubing, faucets, laundry tubs, bathroom fans, water heaters, boilers, protective gear including glasses and gloves, sump pumps, fixtures, pipe insulation, venting, and more.

Where You Can Find Plumbing and Heating Supplies

Besides our large selection of plumbing and heating supplies for homeowners, plumbers, builders, contractors, designers and other trade professionals, we offer our expertise and assistance for choosing the best tools for your project. One contractor noted that the expertise at the supply counter really provided support on jobs where a special solution is needed. “Not only do I get the help I need, but I feel like I’m seeing some old friends at the same time.” 

Water Quality Control

We offer a full line of water quality control products, including reverse osmosis systems, water softeners, filters and neutralizers, ultraviolet purifiers, anti-scale water treatment systems, UV bulbs, and a wide line of cartridges and filters.

We offer Lancaster electronic water softeners with advanced technology and enhanced performance to water conditioning. Lancaster water softeners remove unwanted hardness and minerals from your customer’s household water. Models in the series feature state-of-the-art control valves, high-performance mineral tanks and distribution plates for better water regeneration, and brine tanks to handle homeowners’ most demanding needs.

Interested in getting your water tested for free? Learn more here.

Plumbing Supply Showroom in Collegeville

For projects large and small, new construction and remodels, residential and commercial, our showroom consultants can help you find the ideal solutions. Visit our showroom location in Collegeville and experience the difference of working with our experienced consultants.