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Municipalities, Schools, and Hospitals

Weinstein Supply in Collegeville tailors its service according to the varied requirements of each municipality, school, and hospital. We will assist the representative or individual responsible for purchases to choose the right product for their organization’s needs. Weinstein understands that many representatives are not familiar with bath and kitchen remodeling and will be happy to lend our expertise. If an organization needs to do a special order with certain municipality requirements, we will absolutely accommodate them.

Kitchen and Bathroom Plumbing Supply for Municipalities, Schools, and Hospitals

Schools and Educational Facilities

From elementary schools to universities, our plumbing supply team is ready to help with purchasing commercial bath and kitchen products, as well as maintenance for educational facilities. We know that you depend on our providing the best service possible for your students and faculty.

Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

Our knowledgeable showroom consultants will help you find the plumbing supply products for your healthcare facility or hospital. With safety being a major concern, especially for your patients, we offer a large selection of bathroom products that are ADA-compliant, including walk-in bathtubs, shower seats, grab bars, and hand rails.


We can also offer specialized service and access to thousands of facility supply products for municipalities. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a consultation with our showroom consultants.