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Which Bathroom Vanity Materials Should You Choose?

If you plan to install or replace vanity cabinets, you have a lot of options in bathroom vanity materials to choose from for both the cabinets and countertop of your new bathroom vanity. Each material has different looks, practical benefits, and costs. Weinstein Collegeville will highlight a few popular materials for bathroom vanities and the advantages of each one.

Cabinetry & Drawer Materials

One of the two components of bathroom vanities to consider is the cabinetry. When selecting cabinet materials for your bathroom vanity, durability, price, and appearance are important factors. Two top material options for your bathroom vanity cabinets and drawers are

Solid Wood

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One of the premium options for bathroom vanity materials, the cabinet doors and walls of solid wood vanities are made of single, thick pieces of wood. A reason to choose solid wood for bathroom vanities is strength and durability. A wood vanity can last a long time with the proper care and maintenance, such as a veneer or sealant to minimize the effects of humidity and changing temperatures. And because the wood has good structural support, you have more options regarding the countertop material, because you can choose heavier materials such as marble or granite.

Another reason why solid wood is a popular choice among homeowners is its appearance. Woodgrain is timeless and can enhance the appearance and design of any bathroom. The colors available range from light tan and brown to dark red and black, and of course, vanities can be painted in other colors such as blue or white. Due to the variety in woods, grains, and finishes, any homeowner can find the ideal wood for their bathroom vanity.


Plywood is another popular choice for bathroom vanities. A plywood sheet is a composite of several wood veneers glued together to make a single piece. An advantage of plywood is that specific finishes make the material resistant to water and humidity. In a bathroom, which is often filled with steam, a finished plywood vanity is less likely to expand. Likewise, during colder months, a finished plywood vanity is less likely to contract.

In addition, plywood is a good bathroom vanity material for homeowners on a budget who want the appearance of beautiful wood grains at a more affordable cost. Like solid wood, plywood is also quite sturdy and will retain its structural strength for a long time.

Countertop Materials

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The other part of the bathroom vanity you need to consider materials for is the countertop. Like the cabinets and drawers, vanity countertops come in different materials, each with a unique appearance and features. Top options for your bathroom vanity countertop materials include

Natural Stone

Natural stone is a premium vanity countertop material that provides various options for homeowners. Some of the different natural stone bathroom vanity materials include the following:

  • Slate
  • Soapstone
  • Marble
  • Granite

One reason people love natural stone countertops is the appearance of luxury and quality, with each stone having a unique look and design. In addition, many natural stones such as granite and quartz are hard and resistant to scratches, so you get a sturdy and durable countertop. With proper care, a natural stone countertop can last for years while maintaining a beautiful, luxurious appearance.

Solid Surface

Solid surface vanity tops blend different materials, such as acrylic and quartz that are held together with resin to resemble other materials like stone. An advantage of solid surface vanity tops is that they are relatively easy to care for and repair. The countertop can resist stains, and scratches can be mended as easily as buffing the countertop with fine-grade sandpaper. In addition, solid surface countertops are also an affordable option, in between cheaper materials such as laminate and more expensive ones like natural stone. Solid surface countertops can also be fabricated and shaped to fit unique or unconventional vanities.

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