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What Type of Kitchen Faucet Should You Buy?

Kitchen faucets come in a wide variety. Each type of kitchen faucet is available in many shapes, sizes, and spray types. In addition, each kitchen faucet and spray type has different practical or functional uses and advantages. As a result, some homeowners can have trouble figuring out which kitchen faucet is best for them. Weinstein Collegeville will explore the different types of kitchen faucets and their practical benefits to help you understand which one to buy for your next remodeling project.

The Difference between Pull-Down and Pull-Out Faucets

To help you understand the many types of kitchen faucets available to you, here are the distinguishing features and differences between them.

  • A pull-down faucet comes with a built-in hose and snout system to pull the faucet down closer into the sink.
  • The pull-out faucet offers an integrated nozzle and hose that pulls out from the fixture rather than straight down.

A pull-down faucet features a noticeably high neck arc, while a pull-out faucet will look more like a standard home kitchen faucet fixture.

Benefits of a Pull-Down Faucet

Of these types of kitchen faucets, the one you should buy will depend on your space, kitchen sink, and preferences regarding functionality. For example, one of the benefits of a pull-down faucet is the height of the neck arc, which gives you plenty of room to fill tall jars, pots, and pitchers in your sink. This is especially useful if you have to place jars or pitchers at odd angles in your sink to try and fill them. In addition, the extra height granted by a pull-down faucet gives you more space to work in the sink.

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Another benefit of a pull-down faucet is that washing dishes is more straightforward and manageable. Because the high arc and the faucet spray are designed to pull down, cleaning dishes in the sink requires a single motion. With less need to maneuver the spray, dishwashing is more ergonomically comfortable and easier to do.

Benefits of a Pull-Out Faucet

The pull-out type of kitchen faucet has its benefits for your home. One of the most obvious is the reach of the spray nozzle, allowing you to extend your faucet over your countertop. As a result, if you have items on your counter or around your sink that need water, such as pots or plants near a windowsill, you can leave them where they are instead of crowding your sink.

Another one of the significant advantages of a pull-out faucet is saving space. Pull-out faucets have shorter spouts compared to pull-down faucets and work best with small to medium-sized sinks or if you have little space above your sink. For example, suppose your kitchen is relatively small, or you have limited space above your sink due to low-hanging cabinets. You can install a pull-out sink to have a practical kitchen faucet without needing to overhaul your cabinets.

Which One Should You Buy?

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Of these types of kitchen faucets, the one you should buy will depend on what you want.

  • A pull-down faucet is for you if you have a deep sink or want more space in your sink to work.
  • A pull-out faucet is ideal if you have limited space around your sink or need to fill or water things on your counter.

Pull-down faucets also tend to have more contemporary stylings. The high neck arc design works well in trendy or modern kitchens. The low profile of a pull-out faucet makes this style versatile. The pull-out faucet works with many different styles, finishes, and kitchen designs.

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