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Explore Kohler Collections for Bathroom Solutions

Many homeowners remodeling their bathrooms feel overwhelmed when choosing a bathroom design. If you have a specific bathroom design in mind, consider choosing fixtures from a Kohler bathroom collection. Each fixture within a collection comes together to reflect a unified and distinctive style. These collections include sinks, faucets, toilets, vanities, and accessories.

Kohler Bathroom Collections for Your Home

In its collections, Kohler has created numerous material and style combinations, combining colors, styles, and the influence of various eras for a naturally harmonious bathroom. Some collections have traditional or classic styles, while others have more modern styling cues. The fixtures in these collections also have distinct shapes that affect factors like comfort. For example, if you sit in 2 bathtubs from different collections, you may feel more comfortable sitting in one than the other. You can use the collections below to help get inspired for your project.


Kohler Archer bathrub | Kohler bathroom collection | Weinstein Bath & Kitchen Showroom Collegeville

Kohler’s Archer collection achieves an attractive transitional aesthetic by combining curved and beveled edges. The vast majority of Archer bathtubs are either alcove or drop-in, making them good choices for smaller bathrooms. Archer bathroom sinks also showcase the combination of curved and beveled edges in their design. Because of their clean, straightforward design, Archer fixtures are versatile and complement many different bathroom styles and designs.


The Bancroft collection is inspired by traditional early 1900s American design and is thus a versatile collection that works for any bathroom. One of the notable advantages of the Bancroft collection is the availability of many different fixtures and accessories. Towel hooks and bars, shower fittings and trim, sink and tub faucets, and lighting are some of the many choices in this collection that make building a unified bathroom design easy.


The Memoirs Kohler bathroom collection has a traditional design, with crisp lines resembling crown molding. Some bathtubs in the Memoirs collection include angled bowls for comfort and jets for water massages. Memoirs collection toilets have seats positioned at chair height and have efficient flushing to help you conserve water and save money.


Sleek curves and clean design define the Kohler Persuade bathroom collection, making these fixtures and accessories an excellent choice for a modern-styled bathroom. Toilets in the Persuade collection have elongated bowls to provide more room for comfort and come with dual-flush technology. Dual-flush gives you two flushing options: a 1.0-gallon partial flush and a 1.6-gallon full flush. This option allows you to save water whenever you can while still giving you the performance of a higher gallon flush.


The Purist collection has a sleek, minimalist design, with the fixtures and accessories taking on simple forms that have a durable construction. Many of the faucets in the Purist collection are made from premium metal with finishes that resist corrosion and tarnishing, making excellent choices if you want your faucet to be long-lasting.


Kohler Tresham shower base | Kohler bathroom collection | Weinstein Bath & Kitchen Showroom Collegeville

The Tresham collection is steeped in the traditions of classic Americana while embracing a modern eclectic sensibility. One of the defining fixtures of the Tresham collection is the shower base, which features a low-threshold design for easy entry and exit, and an integral seat. Kohler Tresham bathroom vanities have a simple, Shaker-style furniture design and finishes that resist moisture, scratches, and stains.

Discover More Kohler Bathroom Collections at Weinstein Bath and Kitchen Showroom in Collegeville

Are you interested in a Kohler bathroom collection for your home? Weinstein has decades of experience helping homeowners in the Collegeville and Philadelphia areas find the ideal bathroom fixtures and accessories for their homes. Our bathroom & kitchen showroom houses some of the finest brands, such as Kohler. Our showroom consultants are ready to help with your design project today. Visit our showroom in Collegeville, or contact us today.

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