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4 Small Storage Ideas To Help Organize Your Bathroom

Whether you are planning a full remodel or are preparing for spring cleaning, the bathroom can always be improved with better storage and organization. For some, space is at a premium, which can make cleaning and reorganizing more of a challenge. Thankfully, plenty of small storage options are available that help you better organize your bathroom necessities and match your ideal bathroom design. Here are 4 small storage ideas for your bathroom.

4 Small Storage Ideas For Your Bathroom

These 4 bathroom storage options all make smart use of space and design. Any bathroom, big or small, traditional or modern, benefits from these small storage ideas.

1. Medicine Cabinets

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The vanity counter is one area where improved organization and additional storage space makes a significant difference. With how often people use their vanity counter, clutter is a common occurrence. One of the best solutions for this issue is medicine cabinets. Medicine cabinets combine both the storage of a cabinet and a mirror, becoming a practical solution to small storage.

Medicine cabinets can be mounted on the surface of the wall or recessed into the wall. Some cabinets also include adjustable shelves to accommodate taller items. Other cabinets come with open shelves, while others come with built-in lighting and are designed to fit in corners.

2. Floating Shelves

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For particularly small bathrooms, finding a fixture that is small enough to fit in the room while providing ample storage space is challenging. Finding one that also matches the design adds another complication. One solution that has become popular in recent years is floating shelves. Floating shelves are attached to walls without visible means of support. The wall fixings are hidden within the shelf.

Floating shelves are simple, easy-to-install solutions that both add storage space and improve the design and look of a bathroom. And because of their small size, floating shelves can be added anywhere in a bathroom.

3. Wall-Mounted Cabinets

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One of the best ways to use space in a bathroom is to embrace vertical storage. Vertical space is often underutilized for small storage ideas. The wall above the toilet, an empty corner of the bathroom, and other underused spaces all add, and better organize, existing storage space.

Wall-mounted, or floating cabinets, are mounted directly onto the wall without support from the floor. This style of cabinet has become quite popular in recent years, understandably so. Wall-mounted cabinets are great for bathrooms as the cabinets take advantage of small vertical space and make those spaces both practical and stylish. Putting one of these floating cabinets above the toilet is an especially smart use of space and design.

4. Small Storage Accessories

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When people think of bathroom storage, the first thoughts that come to mind are big vanities and cabinets. But accessories also make for great small storage ideas. Small accessories offer versatility and space efficiency to help keep many bathroom necessities secure and easy to find. One example would be shower baskets. These baskets can be mounted to the shower walls and provide an easily-accessible, all-in-one area to store bath items.

Other accessories, such as removable trays, can better organize drawers and cabinets. By organizing bathroom items more efficiently, and taking advantage of vertical space, these trays can actually add storage space within a vanity.

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