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4 Great Kitchen and Bath Stocking Stuffer Ideas For The 2019 Holidays

Finding the perfect presents for your loved ones can be a challenging task, the most difficult one being filling up stockings with relevant gifts. Writer and author Charles Dudley Warner said, “The excellence of a gift lies in [the] appropriateness rather than [the] value.” A gift that has long-term use for a friend or family member is always appropriate and appreciated. With Christmas day knocking on the door, a million other tasks demand your attention and time. So Weinstein bath and kitchen supply store is here with 4 excellent stocking stuffer ideas and gifts these holidays.

4 Stocking Stuffer Ideas For The Kitchen and Bathroom

Spruce up your loved ones’ kitchens and bathrooms with these great holiday gifts.

Hardwood Cutting Board for Staccato Double-Equal Sink, stocking stuffer ideas, Weinstein

1. Hardwood Cutting Board for Staccato Double-Equal Sink

Made of durable hardwood, this cutting board provides a workstation for quick and easy food prepping. The board is custom-designed to rest on top of the K-3369 Staccato kitchen sink, saving workspace by letting you quickly slide the scraps into the sink basin.

2. Touchless Foaming Soap Dispenser

Touchless Foaming Soap Dispenser, stocking stuffer ideas, Weinstein

One of the more versatile stocking stuffer ideas, this touchless soap dispenser makes a great hygienic option in the bathroom or kitchen. Holding your hand under the spout dispenses soap after which a 20-second lighted timer activates. This is the recommended hand-washing time according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The battery-powered dispenser comes in either stainless steel or a white finish.

3. Rohl Italian Bath Swarovski Crystal Pull Knob

Rohl Italian Bath Swarovski Crystal Pull Knob, stocking stuffer ideas, Weinstein

Enhancing bathroom accessories always make for good stocking stuffer ideas. Add Italian elegance and beauty to any bathroom with this accessory from Rohl. The 1 3/16″ pull knob comes with a mounting screw and the Swarovski crystal accent complements any bathroom style. You can choose from multiple finishes and colors, from polished chrome to Italian and Tuscan brass.

4. Curved Shower Rod With Magnetix Chrome Tension Or Permanent Mount

Curved Shower Rod With Magnetix Chrome Tension Or Permanent Mount, stocking stuffer ideas, Weinstein

Keep the shower curtain in place with this stainless steel curved shower rod from Moen. The rod comes with magnets on both ends, magnetic shower curtain rings, and a rust-free warranty. Install in two separate ways – either tension or permanent mounting. The best part is this shower rod can accommodate various shower sizes, from 57 to 60 inches.

Visit Weinstein Showroom in Collegeville for More Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Weinstein’s showroom in Collegeville has many more products and accessories that make for great kitchen and bathroom stocking stuffers this holiday season. Find bathroom and kitchen fixtures, accessories, lighting options, decorative touches and more. Our expert showroom consultants can help refine your stocking stuffer ideas into the perfect gifts. Visit the Weinstein showroom in Collegeville and have a happy holiday season!

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