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Collegeville Bathroom Storage Solutions – Make Your Bathroom Come Alive with Beautiful Faucet Finishes

When designing an elegant bathroom for day-to-day use, one might focus on aspects such as bathroom storage solutions, bathtub selections, and plumbing. However, one way to rejuvenate your bathroom’s décor is through the choice of finish on your faucets and other fixtures. You will find there are far more options than traditional stainless steel, and they can add immense visual appeal to any bathroom.

Through our partnership with Kohler, we can offer several options in faucet finishes that truly complete the look of your bathroom.

Choosing the Perfect Faucet Finish to Accentuate Your Bathroom


Chrome is a perennial classic first popularized in the 1930s. Bright polished chrome picks up reflections easily, creating a dazzling appearance in a well-lit bathroom. Chrome also can add a charming retro feel to a bathroom by invoking the opulence of the age of Deco, or the fun and carefree vibe of the 1950s.


In some ways, nickel is a more elegant alternative to chrome. It has recently regained popularity, as nickel finishes are highly versatile. When highly polished, nickel has a shiny appearance much like chrome but with slightly softer reflections. When brushed, it is warm, inviting, and a perfect contrast against granite or slate counter tops. Additionally, brushed nickel is slower to pick up fingerprints than chrome or polished nickel.


Bronze can be a daring choice, with its distinctive red-gold luster, but can fit into a variety of settings. Bronze might lend a bit of finesse to a modernist bathroom, or work perfectly with a more rustic feel. The material can appear like copper, but without risk of corroding.


Gold-plated faucets can come in many varieties, and all colors instantly speak to a richly-lived life. Gold is also among the easiest metals to clean and never loses its shine, making it a choice for a bathroom fit for years of use.

Bath Solutions: The Perfect Finish

From bathroom storage solutions to faucet finishes, Weinstein Bath & Kitchen Showroom can work with you to find the perfect look for your bathroom.  For a consultation at our showroom, please contact us and schedule an appointment with our design experts.

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