How to Enhance Your Home with Bathroom Vanities in Philadelphia

Bathroom vanities in Philadelphia can elevate your bathroom in numerous ways. If you are remodeling the entire bath or just replacing the vanity, you can use the new vanity to solidify your design vision further. Your vanity can be environmentally sustainable and durable. You can also increase the amount of storage space you have and create more storage options. Below are some of the ways that vanities can enhance your bathroom.

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Add Luxury to Your Home with a Minimalist Style Bathroom

One of the significant factors to consider when buying new bathroom fixtures is which style you want to create. Minimalism, as a design movement, began to emerge in the 1960s and is still popular today. The sleek designs and quality materials give an air of luxury to a room. Below we discuss how to incorporate a minimalist style bathroom into your home with a few new fixtures and upgrades.

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How to Choose a Faucet for Your Bathroom Sink in 3 Steps

Buying a new bathroom sink faucet can be a challenging task. You have to consider many factors, such as installation, features, and design preferences. Also, a wide variety of brands and faucets are available. The bathroom sink is a vital fixture, so selecting the correct faucet is essential. Here are the steps for how to choose a faucet for your bathroom sink.

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Upgrade Your Kitchen with a Touchless Faucet

If you would like to improve your kitchen’s functionality and efficiency, a great option is a touchless faucet. Touchless faucets are effective at conserving water and preventing the transfer of germs. Here are a few of the reasons why you should consider adding a touchless faucet to your kitchen.

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What Is Water Softening, and Do You Need a Water Softener?

Faucet tap | Water softening | Weinstein Collegeville

When homeowners are selecting a new sink or faucet, one accessory that may be needed to protect the new investment is a water softener. Many people are unaware of what a water softener does. Despite being relatively unknown in comparison to water filtering, water softening provides benefits for many homeowners, whether they live in rural or urban areas.

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How Popular Kohler Toilets Improve Your Bathroom

Popular Kohler toilets, such as the Highline and Veil Wall-Hung, are the fixtures you need to improve the functionality, design, and convenience of your bathroom. The elegant and comfortable design, innovative technology, and reliability of these Kohler toilets improve all aspects of your bathroom.

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Weinstein Collegeville Bulletin: Important Coronavirus Update

Please Call, Text or Email All Orders

In response to the spread of coronavirus and out of an abundance of caution and concern for our employees and customers please call, text or email all orders. We will pick the orders and have them available for pick up outside our counter and garage areas. Our delivery service will remain unchanged.

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Upgrade Your Bathroom with These Kohler Toilets for Sale in Collegeville

For those moving into a new home or remodeling their bathrooms, the toilet is sometimes overlooked. However, a high-quality, reliable toilet can really make a difference in terms of experience and style. Weinstein Better Bath & Kitchens has Kohler toilets for sale in Collegeville that can elevate your bathroom with the latest innovative technology and striking aesthetics.

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Valentine’s Day Sweetheart Deals at Weinstein Collegeville

Valentine’s Day is only a short time away, and that means many couples will be visiting various stores to find the perfect gift. An often-overlooked gift idea is home fixtures. Our kitchen and bath showroom houses many high-quality fixtures and products that make beautiful gifts. Starting February 6, we will be holding a Valentine’s Day special “Sweetheart Deals.”

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4 Reasons Why Bertch Vanities Are Perfect for Your Bathroom

Bertch vanity options | Bertch Vanities | Weinstein Collegeville

The vanity is one of the most crucial fixtures in your bathroom. Once installed, your bathroom vanity takes center stage, enhancing the functionality and look of your bathroom. Finding the one that suits your needs can be challenging, given the full range of options available in the market. American-made Bertch vanities from Weinstein Kitchen & Bathroom Showroom provide an answer to all your bathroom vanity requirements.

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