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How to Choose the Best Showerheads

Choosing a new showerhead sounds simple in theory but can become much more complicated in practice. You have many options to choose from with different designs, nozzle shapes and sizes, installation methods, water pressure and more. So how can you find the right showerhead for your bathroom from seemingly hundreds of different options? We have created this guide to help you choose the best showerheads for your needs.

Choose Showerhead Type

The first choice you will have to make regarding your new showerhead is the installation type. Thread sizes for showerheads are standardized in the U.S., ½ inch NPT, so you should be able to choose any showerhead without worrying about whether the type of showerhead you choose will fit into your shower arm. Therefore, you have a couple of different types of showerheads to consider.

Wall-Mount: Wall-mounted showerheads are the most common and you likely have one in your bathroom. These generally attach directly to the shower arm and are easy to change.

Handheld: Handheld showerheads allow a great range of flexibility, making them ideal whether you are bathing yourself, a pet, or cleaning the shower. These showerheads connect to a hose installed on the shower elbow and detach from a holder on the wall.


Top-Mount: Also called “ceiling” or “rain” showerheads, these showerheads rest directly over the bather, either from the ceiling or from an extension arm. Top-mount showerheads can be a great solution for ceilings that are too low for a wall-mounted head.

Choose Water Pressure

WaterSense EPA certification logo | choose the best showerhead | Weinstein Collegeville

To choose the best showerheads for your bathroom, you need to decide the amount of water pressure you prefer for your shower. Different showerheads will require different levels of water pressure for an adequate flow. Check your home’s water pressure (with an inexpensive pressure gauge) so you can find a compatible showerhead.

You may also want to consider environmental factors about water pressure. EPA regulations have limited showerheads to a maximum flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute (gpm) at a standardized pressure of 80 psi. The majority of showerheads need water pressure of around 40 to 60 pounds per square inch (psi) to be adequate. By opting for showerheads with lower water pressure (showerheads with the EPA’s WaterSense label), you can save water and money.

Choose Spray Pattern

Each showerhead also comes with specific spray patterns and intensities. Here are some of the spray patterns you can choose from:

Wide spray coverage is the most common pattern, where water sprays out of each nozzle constantly at the same speed and consistency.

Targeted sprays have a more intense water stream, usually from only a few nozzles.

Drenching or rinsing sprays where the water comes out through a central nozzle are good for soaking.

Some showerheads can spray in pulsating, alternating patterns or even allow you to switch between different spray patterns.

Choose Style

Your new showerhead should look good in addition to saving you money and spraying water just the way you like. The style of your new showerhead should depend on what your overall design goals are for your bathroom. A classic style will feature traditional design elements such as elegant curves and more metallic finishes like brushed or polished chrome, nickel, or brass. Showerheads with a more contemporary style may feature sharper edges, distinct, simplistic silhouettes, and come in solid-color finishes like black or white. Overall, choose the best showerhead based on the general design you aim for, whether you want to complement or contrast your bathroom design.

Other Features

Showerheads can have a variety of other features to personalize your shower routine.

  • If you like to listen to music or podcasts while showering, some showerheads come with built-in speakers.
  • Water filtration systems can reduce chlorine and odor in your shower water.
  • Aerating showerheads produce a spray that resembles mist, which can be relaxing.
  • Temperature displays give you more precise control over how hot or cold you want your showers.

Visit Weinstein Collegeville to Choose the Best Showerhead

To find your new showerhead, visit Weinstein Collegeville. We have decades of experience helping people choose the best showerhead and other bathroom features. We offer expert consultation and guidance through our kitchen and bath showroom, which has a vast selection of showerheads and other bathroom fixtures from quality brands such as Kohler. So make an appointment today, and bring your dream bathroom to life.