How You Can Improve Your Home Water Filtration System

Bathroom sink with pink flowers, water filtration, Weinstein Better Bath and Kitchen

The Safe Drinking Water Act, passed in 1974, issued new actions and regulations to protect the nation’s drinking water. As a result, millions of people have high-quality, safe drinking water from their public water systems every day. However, some harmful contaminants bypass the water treatment system. Thankfully, plenty of water filtration systems are available for purchase and can help keep any household free of contaminants and keep tap water clean and safe. Here is why a water filter system is important, and how you can improve your water quality.

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How to Choose the Ideal Kitchen Faucet

kitchen faucet and sink with accessories

When buying a house, one of the biggest factors in the decision process is the appeal and functionality of the kitchen. For them, and for most of us, the kitchen makes the house. We tend to be very busy in the kitchen, more so than in other rooms. Our cooking space is often a showpiece, which needs the “right” accessory. An ideal kitchen faucet suits the needs of the owner, and enhances the look, feel, and functionality of the kitchen. Thus choosing the right kitchen sink faucet is one of the important decisions to consider during a kitchen renovation. Here are the 7 steps of selecting your ideal kitchen faucet.

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Kohler’s Whitehaven Cast Iron Kitchen Sink Is Perfect For Your Kitchen

Kohler Whitehaven Cast Iron Kitchen Sink

With the holidays just around the corner, many of us will be spending time in our kitchens, preparing and cooking meals to share with our families. Few areas of a kitchen see more use than our kitchen sinks, which makes having a high-quality sink to work with important. We have just the product in mind. Strengthen and stylize your kitchen with the Whitehaven Cast Iron Kitchen Sink by Kohler.

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Experience Hydrotherapy with Kohler’s New Heated BubbleMassage

Kohler Heated BubbleMassage

With Kohler’s Heated BubbleMassage™ hydrotherapy, you can turn your bathroom into your own mini-spa. This new bath feature releases thousands of warm air bath bubbles to cushion and massage your body as you bathe. Indulge in a therapeutic bathing experience with a freestanding or drop-in BubbleMassage Air Bath.

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2019 Kitchen Sink Trends

kitchen sink trends - Weinstein Bath and Kitchen Collegeville

Kitchen sinks are available in more shapes, sizes, and materials than ever. Continuing kitchen sink trends this year include undermount kitchen sinks, self-rimming sinks, and prep sinks. Kohler sinks, in particular, can include a wide range of accessories, including cutting boards, utensil trays, and drying racks. Additionally, homeowners are looking for sinks that have been ergonomically designed to be ADA-compliant while also adding style and functionality.

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Introducing Kohler’s Neoroc Kitchen Sink with Exceptional Durability

Neoroc® Cairn® Kitchen Sink in Matte Black Plum
Neoroc® Cairn® Kitchen Sink in Matte Black Plum

Extend the life of your kitchen sink with Kohler’s Neoroc® Cairn® Kitchen Sink at our showroom. What is Neoroc? Neoroc is a Kohler custom composite material that is solid as a rock, with a matte finish designed to complement any countertop. Ready to bring an exciting new look to your kitchen?

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Must-Have Kohler Kitchen Accessories

Did you know that Kohler offers accessories that perfectly match your kitchen’s style and meet your prepping and cooking needs? Create your own personal look with Kohler’s kitchen collections. These complete design solutions simplify the process of coordinating fixtures, faucets, and accessories. Here are a few must-have items that will add a finishing touch to your space.

kitchen sink with kitchen accessories

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Take Your Shower to the Next Level: Kohler Shower Sprays

You’ve decided on the perfect shower configuration, the best showerhead for your needs, and the shower door that works for your space — what is next? Choosing the water delivery components for your shower is a large part of customizing your shower experience as it determines how the water will feel and what it will do.

Discover how you can take your shower to a new level with special spray functions, components, and fittings. From invigorating and strong to soft and soothing, shower sprays are purposefully designed to deliver specific sensory experiences that refresh the mind and uplift the spirit.

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How to Select the Best Showerheads with Weinstein Bath and Kitchen Showroom

What if you could transform a lackluster shower into a luxurious experience with a simple upgrade today? Replacing your showerhead is one of the easiest ways to improve your shower experience. The first step is to decide on the type of showerhead and then choose from the array of customization options for your shower. From smart products to energy-saving models, showerheads can do even more than ever.

kohler showerheads

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Special Kohler Features for Your Freestanding Bath

Now that you have selected a freestanding tub for your bathroom, the next step is to enhance the bath. Not only can Kohler’s additional features improve the functionality of your space, but it can also add a personal touch and present a bold statement.

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