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Enhance Comfort and Safety in Your Bathroom with Kohler Toilet Armrests

Comfort, safety, and design should harmoniously blend in the bathroom. Every fixture and accessory should suit your style while catering to your needs. Kohler, a pioneer in bathroom and kitchen fixtures, has introduced a new product that enhances independent living and provides optimum comfort: Kohler Toilet Armrests. These practical yet attractive armrests are designed to be mounted easily between the toilet bowl and seat and providing sturdy support when needed.

The Benefits of Toilet Armrests

Choosing the right bathroom accessories and fixtures can improve aesthetics, promote accessibility, and enhance the overall safety of a bathroom. Toilet armrests are accessories that check all these boxes. This accessory is more than a luxury and often a necessity for some people. Below are a few benefits to installing Kohler toilet armrests.

Enhanced Security and Support

Kohler armrest for toilet | Weinstein Collegeville

Our bathrooms should be tailored to cater to our ever-evolving needs. As we age, additional support in this essential room becomes crucial. The inclusion of toilet armrests helps homeowners navigate their everyday routine with ease, stability, and independence. Whether you are preparing to sit or rise, these armrests offer sturdy support, mitigating the risk of slips or falls.

Space-Saving Design

Toilet armrests are designed to fit seamlessly into a bathroom without clutter or intrusion. The armrests’ intelligent design allows them to be raised to an upright position when not in use, keeping them out of the way and maintaining an uncluttered aesthetic.

Bathrooms Tailored to Individual Needs

Everyone’s bathroom needs to meet their unique requirements. For those with mobility concerns, toilet armrests are more than a considerate addition. These armrests facilitate hassle-free bathroom usage, making homes more accessible and comfortable.

Features of Kohler Toilet Armrests

With Kohler, you can expect quality products. Explore the specific features of these armrests:

  1. Comfortable Width: The armrests are designed with 18″ (457mm) width between arms. This generous spacing allows for relaxed, unrestricted seating and user comfort.
  2. Exceptional Weight Capacity: The armrests can support up to 530 pounds, which, combined with the durable metal construction, provides dependable strength.
  3. Hassle-free Installation: You can install the Kohler toilet armrests without complication between the seat and the bowl without needing to drill into your walls or floor.
  4. Easy-Clean Textured Coating: The armrests boast an easy-to-clean texture that covers the entire length of the supports, ensuring a secure grip and added comfort.
  5. Compatibility: These armrests are compatible with select one- and two-piece Kohler toilets (Kohler smart toilets are exceptions and are non-compatible with armrests).

For homeowners in Collegeville, Pennsylvania who want to increase their bathrooms’ functionality or cater to aging-in-place needs, Kohler toilet armrests are an ideal addition.

Visit Weinstein Bath & Kitchen Showroom in Collegeville

At our bathroom and kitchen design showroom, we house various quality products, including Kohler toilet armrests and many other fixtures, trim, and accessories. See the usefulness of these armrests in person, as our showroom has many functioning displays. Let us aid you in creating a bathroom environment that reflects your lifestyle needs and aesthetic desires by visiting our showroom today.