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Kohler Toilets Near Norristown: The San Souci & Memoirs Stately Combine Luxury and Efficiency

As people look for new fixtures and products for their bathroom remodeling plans, people want toilets that satisfy and exceed all design, performance, and financial needs. Homeowners want a toilet with aesthetic appeal and comfort, and water conservation is becoming a growing concern, too. Two Kohler toilets near Norristown, the San Souci and the Memoirs Stately, personify these ideals.

Kohler Toilet Design

Kohler San Souci toilet in bathroom | Kohler Toilets Near Norristown | Weinstein Collegeville

The sleek, contemporary design of the San Souci toilet is eye-catching. This one-piece toilet integrates the tank and bowl into a streamlined design that is easy to clean. The compact elongated bowl and the Comfort Height seating offer exceptional comfort while taking up the same space as a round-front bowl, making the San Souci an ideal toilet for those seeking to optimize their bathroom space. The SanSouci is also ADA-compliant and has Quiet-Close seat technology that prevents the jarring sound of a toilet seat slamming shut.

Inspired by elegant architecture and featuring crisp lines, the Memoirs Stately is a good choice for those wanting a classic design. Like the San Souci, the Memoirs Stately toilet has the Comfort Height feature that emulates the height of a standard chair, making sitting and standing up easier for most adults. In addition, the Stately is part of the broader Memoirs collection of Kohler fixtures, trim, and accessories for those who want a unified bathroom design. Both toilets come in various colors, such as white, ice grey, black, and more.

Water Conservation & Performance

In addition to design, the San Souci and Memoirs Stately Kohler toilets near Norristown provide exceptional utility, allowing you to save water without sacrificing performance thanks to the innovative AquaPiston technology. AquaPiston flushing technology optimizes the water flow out of the tank, using gravity and the natural flow of water to increase the power and effectiveness of each flush.

The result is that these toilets deliver a powerful flush that uses less water (just 1.28 gallons per flush) than a regular toilet and keeps the bowl cleaner. The EPA says installing water-efficient toilets can save a household about 13,000 gallons annually. The EPA recognized the performance both toilets offer. So both toilets carry the WaterSense label for fixtures that “meet EPA’s specifications for water efficiency and performance.”

Built for the Environment and Your Wallet

Kohler Memoirs Stately toilet in bathroom | Kohler Toilets Near Norristown | Weinstein Collegeville

The San Souci and the Memoirs Stately feature a 2-1/8″ fully glazed trapway and an easy-to-flush canister design. This technology uses less seal material and requires less force than a flapper in a regular toilet. So, the flapper resists conditions that cause wear, tear, shrinkage, and swelling, leading to a longer lifespan. Moreover, both toilets are eligible for consumer rebates in some municipalities, so you can save money while making an environmentally conscious choice.

Finding Kohler Toilets Near Norristown at Weinstein’s Collegeville Showroom

If you are looking for Kohler toilets near Norristown, we invite you to visit our showroom at Weinstein Collegeville. At our showroom, you can see models like the San Souci and Memoirs Stately in person and speak with our team about your needs and preferences. Your dream bathroom is within reach, and we look forward to assisting you in finding the perfect fixtures to make your dream bathroom a reality.

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