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Transform Your Bathroom with the Kohler Statement Open Rain Showerhead

Finding the ideal showerhead when remodeling or renovating your bathroom can significantly impact your daily routines. For example, you may want a showerhead with more consistent water pressure or a new design. If you are looking for a new showerhead, the Kohler Statement Open Rain showerhead is one that can elevate your showering routines.

Kohler Statement Open Rain Showerhead | Weinstein Collegeville

This showerhead features a precise and consistent water flow, jets replicating the feeling of rain, and a stylish design that complements modern bathroom aesthetics. As a result, the Statement Open Rain showerhead provides a refreshing, spa-like showering experience.

Elegance and Functionality

The Statement Open Rain showerhead has a sleek, contemporary design and durable finish. The result is that the 9-inch round showerhead fits the aesthetics of modern bathrooms while standing out as a focal point of the design.

How the showerhead delivers water helps set the Statement Open Rain apart from other showerheads. The Statement Open Rain features an exposed top stream that pools water on top of the wide-nozzle face plate. The showerhead then quickly releases a deluge of water. The result is a gentle, full-coverage water flow reminiscent of natural rainfall.

Consistent Coverage and Performance

Bathroom with Kohler Statement shower collection | Kohler Statement Open Rain Showerhead | Weinstein Collegeville

Uneven coverage and erratic spray patterns are issues with showerheads that the Kohler Statement Open Rain showerhead solves with clever design choices. The fixture boasts a self-leveling ball joint, keeping the rainhead parallel to the floor and ensuring a steady spray for consistent coverage.


Like other Kohler products, the Statement Open Rain showerhead is constructed with premium metals and other materials designed to be durable and reliable. In addition, Kohler finishes are highly resistant to corrosion and tarnishing, ensuring that your Statement Open Rain showerhead remains beautiful and functional for years.


The Kohler Statement Open Rain showerhead has a maximum flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute (gpm) at 45 pounds per square inch (psi). The flow rate and pressure ensure efficient water usage whenever you shower without compromising shower quality or comfort.

Visit Weinstein Collegeville for Kohler Showerheads

Our showroom in Collegeville, Pennsylvania, offers you a unique opportunity to witness firsthand the exceptional design and performance of the Kohler Statement showerhead. You can see many Kohler fixtures, trim, and accessories in person and how the showerhead works. Our experts will be on hand to guide you through the features and help you make an informed decision. Visit our showroom in Collegeville.