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Why the Kohler Task Kitchen Sink Improves Your Productivity

Many homeowners can struggle with their daily tasks like food prep because they are limited by their fixtures or accessories. For example, some sinks may be too small or counter space may be inadequate for the work they want to do, or accessories and utensils may be inconveniently far from the sink. The Kohler Task kitchen sink is designed to help with these exact issues. Thanks to clever design, integrated accessories, and other features, the Kohler Task Workstation sink helps improve productivity and makes your daily routines more manageable.

How a Kohler Task Kitchen Sink Increases Productivity

Kohler Task Workstation Sink with accessories | kohler task kitchen sink | Weinstein Collegeville

A Kohler Task Workstation sink helps increase your productivity in numerous ways. The design of the sink bowl maximizes the amount of workspace you have. You also save counter space and work more efficiently thanks to the accessories included with the Task Workstation sink.

Unique & Practical Design

The design of the Kohler Task kitchen sink is a significant reason for your improved daily cooking and meal prep routines. The bowl is 9 inches deep and has tightly angled fabricated corners. Both of these design features maximize bowl space, and larger sink bowls are easier to work in if you are, for example, washing dishes or pans. In addition, Kohler has designed the Task sink to accommodate accessories, making your cooking and food prep routines more manageable.


The Kohler Task Workstation sink comes with a few accessories: a bamboo cutting board, a colander set, a silicone basin mat, and a strainer. Both the cutting board and the colander set can fit into and slide along the top of the sink, saving counter space and adding convenience. Because the cutting board and colander set can slide along the sink, you can customize your kitchen sink setup based on your needs. For example, you can slide the colander underneath the cutting board, giving you extra space if needed, and allowing you to easily transfer clean veggies to the board for cutting or vice versa.

The other accessories, the basin mat and strainer, are also practical additions to the sink. The basin mat is silicone and rests at the bottom to protect both the sink and fragile dishes. Sink strainers keep large items from passing into the drain. Also, both the colander set and basin mat are dishwasher-safe.

Other Reasons to Get the Kohler Task Kitchen Sink

Kohler Task sink with cutting board, knife, and colander set | kohler task kitchen sink | Weinstein Collegeville

In addition to the design and accessories that make your daily cooking and food prep more manageable and productive, the Kohler Task kitchen sink comes with more benefits for you and your kitchen. One of them is the durable construction and finish of the sink. Like many other Kohler fixtures, the Task Workstation kitchen sink uses premium materials. The sink is made from premium 18-gauge stainless steel, which resists corrosion and tarnishing so that your sink still looks and performs exceptionally after many years of use.

Another feature of the Task kitchen sink is a dual-mount design. A dual-mount design means that the sink can be installed either as a top-mount or under-mount sink, sitting above or below the kitchen counter, respectively. This dual-mount design means that you have more options based on your personal preference or how your kitchen is configured.

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