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Why More Homeowners are Choosing Apron-Front Sinks

Kohler apron-front sinks have been in demand recently as the rustic or farmhouse aesthetic for home kitchens and bathrooms has become increasingly popular. As a result, these old farmhouse-style fixtures are becoming more widely available in multiple materials, colors, and sizes. While homeowners highly value the visual appeal, apron-front sinks also come with many practical benefits for kitchens.

What is an Apron-Front Sink?

Kohler apron front sink in kitchen | Weinstein Collegeville

Standard in many older farmhouses, apron-front sinks, commonly called farmhouse sinks, are a type of sink characterized by their unique exposed front side. Large basins are also traditional for apron-front sinks and are available in both single-basin and double-basin options.

Another defining trait of apron-front sinks is that the cabinets are cut to make room for the large, deep bowl and to keep the front side of the bowl exposed.

Why People Want Kohler Apron-Front Sinks

Apron-front sinks come with a couple of key features that make them desirable for homeowners. The basins are large and deep, which is helpful when homeowners are cleaning dishes. A wide range of aesthetic choices from materials, color, and more lend versatility to these sinks. Kohler apron-front sinks are strong and durable and able to withstand heavy usage, which allows them to last a long time.

Large & Deep Basins

As mentioned, one of the defining characteristics of an apron-front sink is the width and depth of the bowl. The wide and deep basins help accommodate larger cookware, like baking pans and pots. Traditional apron-front sinks have a single bowl, which gives them more room than other types of sinks. Even in models with two basins, the divider tends to be smaller to allow extra space.

Design Versatility

Apron-front sinks are typically associated with rustic or country-styled homes, which makes sense given these sinks originated in rural houses. Today, however, brands such as Kohler have introduced a plethora of new options that allow these sinks to fit into almost every decor style. Some have the traditional rounded edges available in standard finishes, while others have sleek edges and come in modern finishes like stainless steel. So, from traditional farmhouse kitchens to contemporary ones, you can find an apron-front sink to fit your style.

Kohler Whitehaven kitchen sink - Kohler - Weinstein Collegeville


Most Kohler apron-front sinks are built using enameled cast iron and under-mount installation. The combination of the two provides an easy to care for yet heavy-duty sink. In addition, the sinks are designed to withstand the demands of a busy kitchen. The enameled cast iron construction and acid-resistant enamel finish help prevent chips, cracks, and burns. The under-mount design also helps reduce maintenance as crumbs and other debris can be wiped directly into the basin.

Other Benefits of a Kohler Apron-Front Sink

In addition to the benefits above, homeowners choose apron-front sinks for other reasons.

  • The forward placement of the sink and the cut-out countertop helps lessen the need for users to lean over, reducing back strain.
  • Off-set drains help prevent plugging the sink when large pots are being washed.
  • Water damage to the cabinet is eliminated because the front apron takes the place of a cabinet, and splashed water can be wiped off without any harm.

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