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Types of Kitchen Sinks & How to Choose One

Choosing the right kitchen sink can make a significant difference to both your daily routines and kitchen style. You have a few different types of kitchen sinks from which to choose, and knowing which one is best for you can be challenging. Fortunately, each type of sink has distinguishing features and appearances so that, once you know them, you will be able to choose the best one for your home and needs. Here are the various kitchen sink types and how to choose a sink for your home.

The Types of Kitchen Sinks

Knowing the different types of kitchen sinks and their strengths is paramount to making an intelligent choice for your kitchen. Each of these kitchen sinks differs by their installation type and appearance. Knowing how your new sink should, or can, be installed is the first decision you should make. Top mounts, under mounts, and apron-front sinks all need to be installed differently and create different styles. With that said, here are the various kitchen sink types to consider.

Top-Mount Sinks

Top-mount sink in kitchen | types of kitchen sinks | Weinstein Collegeville

Top-mount sinks are some of the most common types of kitchen sinks you will find, and you likely have one in your house or apartment. A top-mount sink is installed by being lowered into the counter from the top, with the sink rim extending over the countertop surface. This type of sink is the easiest to install because the rim reduces the need for support underneath.

Why You Should Choose a Top-Mount Sink

So if you want a sink that is easy to replace without disturbing the countertop or relocating plumbing, a top-mount sink is a great choice. Top-mount sinks also tend to be quite affordable and provide a good amount of storage space underneath.

In addition to the practical benefits, top-mount sinks are aesthetically versatile, working with many countertop and kitchen designs. If your kitchen has a unique style, or you are unsure of which type of sink would best fit your kitchen’s style, a top-mount sink is a solid option that will look good in any kitchen.

Under-Mount Sinks

Under-mount sink in kitchen | types of kitchen sinks | Weinstein Collegeville

An under-mount sink is essentially the opposite of a top-mount sink. While a top-mount sink rests on the counter, under-mount sinks are installed underneath the counter. This type of sink lacks a rim; the kitchen counter drops off directly into the bowl.

Why You Should Choose an Under-Mount Sink

Cleaning your countertop is easier with an under-mount sink than a top-mount one since you can sweep debris on the counter directly into the sink, and the lack of a lip prevents debris build-up. Under-mount sinks also provide a little more countertop space than a top-mount sink does. The sink resting underneath the counter results in a clean, sleek, contemporary aesthetic for your kitchen, making under-mount sinks the choice for those who want a modern kitchen design.

Apron-front Sinks

Apron-front sink in kitchen | types of kitchen sinks | Weinstein Collegeville

Apron-front sinks, also known as farmhouse sinks, are distinguished by their large front panel (or apron), which can be smooth or include ridges or other design features. Another notable feature of apron-front sinks is their typically big, open bowls, which take up space where a cabinet or counter would generally be.

Why You Should Choose an Apron-front Sink

Because of the broad, deep bowls, apron-front sinks provide plenty of room for washing large utensils like pots and pans. These types of sinks also often come without dividers in the bowl, making the already large amount of working space even more extensive. As their namesake implies, apron-front sinks have a rustic farmhouse appearance, making them a good choice if your kitchen has a traditional or rural style.

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