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Why Kohler Kitchen Faucets Upgrade Your Kitchen Sink

Kohler kitchen faucets are designed to enhance your kitchen sink in numerous ways. The Kohler Crue faucet, for example, now comes with both touchless and Konnect technology, implementing voice control and app integration. Many other smart features make your routines more comfortable, faster, and more convenient. Their sleek, contemporary style can easily fit into your current or future kitchen design. Below are some of the reasons why Kohler faucets take your kitchen sink to the next level.

Smart Tech in Kohler Kitchen Faucets

Kohler kitchen faucets are equipped with various cutting-edge technologies to make your work in the kitchen easier. These features range from smart tech voice control and motion sensors to simpler but effective magnetic docking systems.


Kohler Crue kitchen faucet in Vibrant Brushed Moderne Brass finish | Kohler Kitchen Faucets | Weinstein Collegeville

The Kohler Crue faucet is now available with touchless technology, to help you in numerous ways. Faucet handles can collect germs due to how often people touch the handles. A touchless faucet limits contact with the handle, lowering germs’ build-up in and around the sink. Since the sensors detect hand or utensil movement, you can also save water and money by upgrading your faucet to a touchless one.

Kohler Konnect

One of the most prominent features of faucets like the Crue is Konnect: a package of smart technologies and features in Kohler products. For example, instead of needing to measure water yourself, you can tell the faucet to pour 8 ounces of water-you can also choose metric units like liters or milliliters. Another feature unique to Konnect is a sensor that monitors water usage, so you waste less water and money. Konnect also works with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple Home Kit. Using Konnect on these apps lets you see information regarding your water usage, temperature, and can even notify you when Konnect detects unusual water flow.

Other Smart Features

Profile view of Kohler Crue kitchen faucet in chrome finish | Kohler Kitchen Faucets | Weinstein Collegeville

Along with the time-saving voice-activated features Konnect offers, Kohler kitchen faucets like the Crue come with other innovative technologies.

  • The three-function pull-down sprayhead with touch control lets you switch between different spray options
  • DockNetik® magnetic docking system securely locks the sprayhead into place when not in use.
  • ProMotion® technology allows the pull-down sprayhead to swivel for more comfortable use.
  • Temperature memory lets you turn the faucet on or off at the temperature set during prior usage.

All of these features, and more, make your kitchen work and routines more manageable, saving you time.

Smart & Elegant Design

The design of the Crue faucet strikes a balance between elegant design and smart utility. A high-arched spout gives the faucet a sleek silhouette and plenty of vertical clearance for tall cookware and pitchers. The Crue is also the first faucet collection to offer a new finish: Brushed Moderne Brass. Other finishes such as polished chrome, vibrant stainless, and matte black reinforce Kohler faucets’ sleek and contemporary design.

FYIs for DIYs

Here are a few tips for those DIYing their kitchen faucets.

  • When removing your old faucet from the sink, check under the sink to see how many holes your faucet has, so that your new faucet will work with your sink.
  • A basin wrench can help you work underneath your sink much more easily.
  • You can use a bucket under the sink connections to catch water as you remove your old faucet.

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