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How the Kohler Ironridge Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Upgrades Your Kitchen

The sink is one of the most frequently used and prominent kitchen fixtures. Homeowners often seek a good balance between design and utility in their sinks and they can have both with the Kohler Ironridge Farmhouse kitchen sink. An Ironridge sink will make your kitchen design more beautiful and refined with all the durability and utility that are a trademark of Kohler sinks.

How the Ironridge Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Enhances Kitchen Design

Kohler Ironridge farmhouse sink in kitchen with bowl of fruit | Farmhouse Kitchen Sink | Weinstein Collegeville

The Ironridge Farmhouse Kitchen Sink enhances your overall kitchen design, whether your style leans towards traditional or contemporary. Apron front sinks like the Ironridge are common in kitchens with more rustic or traditional designs and complement those styles. Kohler’s Ironridge farmhouse sink features a sleek, minimalist design, with simple lines outlining the apron-front. Thanks to the Ironridge’s design, the sink works as well in modern or contemporary styled kitchens as in traditional styled kitchens.

Other features of the sink ensure that your kitchen remains beautiful. For example, the Ironridge sink features an apron-front that overlaps cabinet faces, which hides any rough cuts made during installation. The overlapping design strikes that balance between utility (making installation easier) and design (looking beautiful and hiding imperfections in the cabinetry.) Many color options add strong or soft touches that highlight either the sink or other kitchen fixtures in addition to the design.

Durable Construction

Photo of Kohler Ironridge farmhouse sink with bowl rack | Farmhouse Kitchen Sink | Weinstein Collegeville

The Kohler Ironridge Farmhouse Kitchen Sink excels in both design and durability. One of the significant reasons Ironridge sinks are so durable is because Kohler makes the sinks from enameled cast iron. Cast iron is already a highly durable material, and the enameled glaze further resists chipping, cracking, or burning. The finish is also resistant to acids, so staining and rusting is far less likely. Overall, the construction of Ironridge sinks reduce future maintenance and make cleaning them more manageable.

Improved Utility

Several features of the Ironridge sink make life in the kitchen much more comfortable and convenient.

  • The large single bowl is 9 inches deep and can accommodate large pots and pans, giving you more working space.
  • The sink bowl slopes 2 degrees towards the drain, which minimizes water pooling and allows for proper drainage.
  • The offset drain increases the sink workspace and storage space underneath, so you get more working space both in and below the sink.

In addition, you can get a bowl rack to help keep the drain clear of utensils or dishes. All of these features combine for dramatically increased utility and make working in and around your sink much easier.

Contact Weinstein Collegeville for Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks

If you want to upgrade your kitchen with the Kohler Ironridge Farmhouse Kitchen sink, contact Weinstein today. Our Collegeville bath and kitchen supply store highlights the finest bathroom and kitchen fixtures and brands. Weinstein has decades of experience helping homeowners choose the perfect kitchen sinks while offering expert consultation and guidance. We have an experienced, passionate team of showroom consultants who will work with you to make your dream kitchen a reality. For more information on our products and services, contact us today.

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