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Kohler’s Whitehaven Cast Iron Kitchen Sink Is Perfect For Your Kitchen

Kohler Whitehaven Cast Iron Kitchen Sink

With the holidays just around the corner, many of us will be spending time in our kitchens, preparing and cooking meals to share with our families. Few areas of a kitchen see more use than our kitchen sinks, which makes having a high-quality sink to work with important. We have just the product in mind. Strengthen and stylize your kitchen with the Whitehaven Cast Iron Kitchen Sink by Kohler.

What Makes The Whitehaven Cast Iron Sink So Great?

The Whitehaven Cast Iron Kitchen Sink is a streamlined and versatile farmhouse style sink, with the design to complement any decor in your kitchen. Home chefs planning on cooking and preparing the upcoming holiday feasts can be assured that the Whitehaven sink will provide plenty of space in which to work. The 9-inch deep, large single basin accommodates large pots and pans, while the sloped bottom makes draining and clean up easier, too. There is a range of sink sizes to choose from to fit your preferred working space. The offset drain further increases workspace in the sink and storage space underneath

The kitchen sink is where much of our kitchen activity occurs. As such, durability is vital with regard to our sinks. And durability is a staple of Kohler kitchen sinks. Crafted from enameled cast iron, it has the strength to resist chipping, cracking, or burning. Kohler’s limited lifetime warranty guarantees the Whitehaven sink will stand the test of time.

Kohler Whitehaven kitchen sink, ridges on apron-front

In addition to the benefits of functionality and durability, the Kohler Whitehaven farmhouse sink also stands out in its design and aesthetics. The self-trimming design allows for easy installation and eliminates unsightly gaps and trim work. If you are planning to remodel a full-scale kitchen, the tall apron size is perfect. If you are planning just to replace your current sink without new cabinets, the short apron size is ideal. The Whitehaven is also available in the new Shadows Collection colors (Indigo Blue, Black Plum, and Grey Lavender.) The Hayridge option features a gentle pattern of horizontal ridges on the apron-front, giving your sink even more character and charm.

This Kohler cast iron farmhouse sink combines toughness and durability with both timeless and elegant design. Our kitchen sinks are the heart of our kitchens, and that heart should be strong and soulful. So for this holiday season, make your dream kitchen a reality with the Whitehaven Cast Iron Kitchen Sink by Kohler.

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