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Experience Hydrotherapy with Kohler’s New Heated BubbleMassage

Kohler Heated BubbleMassage

With Kohler’s Heated BubbleMassage™ hydrotherapy, you can turn your bathroom into your own mini-spa. This new bath feature releases thousands of warm air bath bubbles to cushion and massage your body as you bathe. Indulge in a therapeutic bathing experience with a freestanding or drop-in BubbleMassage Air Bath.

Advantages of Kohler’s Heated BubbleMassage

Bathtubs featuring Heated BubbleMassage use humidified air to apply heat in two ways. Utilizing a digital thermistor, this technology not only distributes heat more efficiently but also enables the bubble temperature to remain more consistent. Over a hundred BubbleMassage airjets release thousands of heated bubbles that surround and support the body in a warm and invigorating full body massage, while a variable-speed blower lets you adjust the massage intensity.

The Heated BubbleMassage™ technology also warms and humidifies the air of your bathroom for the ultimate bathing experience. The water stays warmer longer than a soaking bath and allows you to enjoy your bath longer without spending excess energy. In addition to the energy savings of the in-bath heater (150 watts less energy per Kohler bath), there’s also less energy input to the water sourced from the household tank. Automatic and manual purge cycles remove residual water from air channels after use to keep the system clean.

Kohler Heated BubbleMassage

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Studies have shown that soaking in warm or hot baths can bring numerous health benefits. Experience the therapeutic effects of a truly blissful bath designed to soothe and restore. BubbleMassage baths are available in a variety of configurations and designs. Kohler’s Mariposa® air bath features delicate curves and an hourglass shape to bring harmony to your bathroom’s design, while other air baths offer features like a low step-over height. Our showroom consultants can help you to create your best hydrotherapy experience with the latest bath and shower technologies. Schedule an appointment or visit us today!

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