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How to Choose the Ideal Kitchen Faucet

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When buying a house, one of the biggest factors in the decision process is the appeal and functionality of the kitchen. For them, and for most of us, the kitchen makes the house. We tend to be very busy in the kitchen, more so than in other rooms. Our cooking space is often a showpiece, which needs the “right” accessory. An ideal kitchen faucet suits the needs of the owner, and enhances the look, feel, and functionality of the kitchen. Thus choosing the right kitchen sink faucet is one of the important decisions to consider during a kitchen renovation. Here are the 7 steps of selecting your ideal kitchen faucet.

7 Steps to Finding the Ideal Kitchen Faucet

1. Choose Your Location – Decide whether you want a sink-mount, deck-mount or a wall-mount kitchen faucet. Wall-mounted installations are best suited for single basin sinks, while deck-mounted installations are best for farmhouse and undermount sinks. If you are replacing a sink mounted faucet, you should be aware of the number of holes available.

2. Know Your Sink – You should ensure that you know the number of holes in your sink or counter before you go kitchen faucet shopping. Faucets with one hole provide a simple and clean look, whereas a second hole gives you more options, such as a lotion dispenser or a side spray.

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3. Get Your Arc Right – You know the pain of trying to maneuver large pots and pans under a low spout, and on the other hand, wanting to avoid a high spout obscuring a window view. So get the arc of your kitchen faucet right. If you want more workspace over your sink, the high arc faucets will give a clear 8-10 inches above your sink plane. Otherwise, a low or mid arc spout will serve the purpose.

4. The Right Sprayer – Know your need when it comes to choosing the spray functions. People opting for extended reach prefer pulldown kitchen faucets, whereas pullout faucets, with their streamlined arcs, are easy to hold and use. You also have the option of a side spray kitchen faucet.

5. Enquire About The Valves – The valve material is important to the durability and functionality of your faucet. For that reason, we recommend ceramic valves. Ceramic valves are known for long-term reliability and remain drip-free for a prolonged period of time.

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6. The Style Factor – The sink is arguably the centerpiece of your kitchen, so you want your faucet to complement your kitchen. Know your kitchen’s style, be it rustic, traditional, modern, contemporary or transitional, and find a faucet that matches your kitchen aesthetic.

7. The Finish – Speaking of style, you have a huge amount of options to pick your finishes from. You can go for matte black, chrome, bronze, or anything in-between, although many feel that chrome is the most durable finish and the easiest to keep clean.

Stop by Weinstein’s Showroom for the Finest Kitchen Faucets

The kitchen faucet is not merely a kitchen fixture, but an opportunity to display your style. Visit a one-stop-shop where you can check out the various options available. Visit Weinstein’s Showroom in Collegeville and you will be glad you did. Our staff will make your faucet selection process easier. We guide you through the wide range of features, styles, and colors available from premier brands like Kohler, Moen, Brizo, and more. You can even test out your selections before making a purchase, as most of our displays are functional. Call 610-409-8500 to schedule an appointment.

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