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What Size Medicine Cabinet Should You Get?

When the time comes to pick out a new medicine cabinet for your home, you may wonder: how big should my medicine cabinet be? A few factors will help you determine what size medicine cabinet you should get, such as available space and how tall the people who will use it are. If you need help knowing how wide or tall your area needs to be, Weinstein Collegeville will provide you with the help you need.

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Which Bathroom Vanity Materials Should You Choose?

If you plan to install or replace vanity cabinets, you have a lot of options in bathroom vanity materials to choose from for both the cabinets and countertop of your new bathroom vanity. Each material has different looks, practical benefits, and costs. Weinstein Collegeville will highlight a few popular materials for bathroom vanities and the advantages of each one.

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How to Enhance Your Home with Bathroom Vanities in Philadelphia

Bathroom vanities in Philadelphia can elevate your bathroom in numerous ways. If you are remodeling the entire bath or just replacing the vanity, you can use the new vanity to solidify your design vision further. Your vanity can be environmentally sustainable and durable. You can also increase the amount of storage space you have and create more storage options. Below are some of the ways that vanities can enhance your bathroom.

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4 Reasons Why Bertch Vanities Are Perfect for Your Bathroom

Bertch vanity options | Bertch Vanities | Weinstein Collegeville

The vanity is one of the most crucial fixtures in your bathroom. Once installed, your bathroom vanity takes center stage, enhancing the functionality and look of your bathroom. Finding the one that suits your needs can be challenging, given the full range of options available in the market. American-made Bertch vanities from Weinstein Kitchen & Bathroom Showroom provide an answer to all your bathroom vanity requirements.

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Top Reasons to Visit a Bathroom Showroom for Bathroom Vanities

A bathroom showroom is a great resource for homeowners looking to build, remodel, or refresh their ideal bathroom with features like new bathroom vanities. A showroom will almost certainly carry a wider selection of accessories than department stores, with more top-quality fixtures from brands like Kohler. Showroom employees are typically more knowledgeable about new bathroom features, and the inspiration available is nearly endless. Here are our top reasons to visit Weinstein Bath & Kitchen Showroom for your bathroom accessories.

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Top Bathroom Vanity Showroom, Weinstein Bath & Kitchen Showroom, Proudly Offers Kohler Composed Faucets with New Titanium Finish

January 30, 2017 – Allentown, PA –  For over thirty years, Weinstein Bath & Kitchen Showroom in Collegeville has offered a selection of classic designs and latest trends in bathroom vanities and fixtures. Weinstein Bath & Kitchen Showroom is proud to announce one of the newest additions to their lineup: the Composed® faucets with a titanium faucet finish by Kohler.

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Bathroom Vanities and Products – Relax with the KOHLER Archer Freestanding Bath with Music

bathWhy merely listen to music in the bath, when you can feel the music instead?

Kohler’s Archer freestanding bath with music pampers you in ways many have never previously dreamed of, especially with the BubbleMassage option. Kohler Archer is the ultimate addition to any Philadelphia bathroom, and something which, once experienced, will leave you wondering how you ever lived without the Kohler Archer.

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Bathroom Vanities Can Transform Your Philadelphia Home

Your home is a unique reflection of your tastes and style, and no room should be left out of being personalized. Bathrooms are areas that need to be functional, yet also welcoming and efficient. Bathrooms can also be an extension of your home’s decor. One way to add an appealing focal point to your bathroom is to select the right vanity. With numerous options at Weinstein Bath & Kitchen Showroom in Collegeville, you’ll find something you love looking at and using daily.

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