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Bathroom Vanities and Products – Relax with the KOHLER Archer Freestanding Bath with Music

bathWhy merely listen to music in the bath, when you can feel the music instead?

Kohler’s Archer freestanding bath with music pampers you in ways many have never previously dreamed of, especially with the BubbleMassage option. Kohler Archer is the ultimate addition to any Philadelphia bathroom, and something which, once experienced, will leave you wondering how you ever lived without the Kohler Archer.

Let the Music Flow Through You

The Kohler Archer bath can pair wirelessly over Bluetooth with virtually any iPhone, iPod, Android, or other smartphone or tablet. The music is beamed safely to hidden waterproof speakers built into the bathtub, below the water level. Built-in amplifiers ensure there is plenty of power to both hear and feel your music. With the right tracks, you could create your own aqua massage!

Kohler Archer music feature can go to the next level if you choose an Archer bath with BubbleMassage built in. Air jets throughout the bath release thousands of streams of bubbles throughout your bath, massaging your body at any level of intensity you like.

Combined, the two bring entirely new levels of luxury to the bathing experience.

A Bath Designed for Your Body

The Kohler Archer bath itself is a lovely piece of work, inspired by traditional Craftsman designs, ready to fit into any modern bathroom. The freestanding build allows the Archer to become the centerpiece of the room.

Within, the bath is molded to fit the curves of your body, creating an amazingly comfortable experience that draws you in for a deep, long soak.  Lumbar support adds extra comfort for those long baths, while slotted overflow drains ensure your floor stays dry.

The Kohler Archer comes with a wide variety of faucets as well, with options for either deck-mounted or floor-mounted designs. The Archer has all the necessary equipment and cables, allowing for easy installation of the speaker system which requires a 120V power source.

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