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Residential and Commercial Water Heaters from Weinstein Supply’s Heating and Plumbing Supply – Philadelphia, PA

Anyone having experienced any type of plumbing mishap often considers that mishap to be a plumbing disaster. A toilet tank can crack and a hot water heater can leak or stop heating.  Both of these events are not mere nuisances; they are an enormous interruption to the daily lives of those using these household items. Fortunately for Philadelphia-area residents, Weinstein Supply in Collegeville is a heating and plumbing supply house carrying a wide range of plumbing supplies for repairing and rebuilding bathrooms and kitchens.

Plumbers, contractors, and homeowners alike use Weinstein Supply in Collegeville because they find our staff’s expertise helpful in choosing the right product for whatever size project they have. As a plumbing supply house, one of the product lines we offer our customers is residential and commercial water heaters manufactured by Bradford White. These well-known and well-respected electric, natural gas, and propane water heaters come in a diverse selection of sizes to fit any space and heating requirement.

At Weinstein Supply in Collegeville, we offer customers a wide range of plumbing supplies in addition to water heaters (fittings, parts, fixtures, pipe valves, and more). Call our supply counter today at 610-409-2800 for a quote on one of our Bradford White water heaters or visit our website today to learn more about the full line of products we carry. Philadelphia-area residents can rest assured that our staff are well equipped to answer questions regarding sizing, pricing, warranty coverage, or availability and will gladly deliver to all local residents and businesses.

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