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The Bertch Line Now on Display at Weinstein’s Bathroom Vanities Showroom

Collegeville, PA Weinstein Bath & Kitchen Showroom in Collegeville offers a wide selection of bathroom vanities for the discerning shopper, whether a homeowner, an architect, or a designer. From highly customizable models to more standard choices, visitors will find many varieties on display.  Showroom consultants from Weinstein Supply in Collegeville take great pleasure and pride in helping visitors get the most out of their shopping experiences by educating them on the many options available to them and suggesting those options which best fit their specific needs.

bertch-brOne of the lines of vanities on display at Weinstein Supply in Collegeville for shoppers’ consideration are Bertch bathroom vanities.This line of very popular and high-quality vanities is manufactured by the Bertch Cabinet Mfg. company. Bertch is a successful, family-owned and operated Midwest company that has been involved in the traditional art of cabinetmaking for many decades. From the wood used to the furniture joints and the beautiful finishes, each Bertch vanity is an outstanding work of art.

One of the most popular aspects of a Bertch bathroom vanity is the originality of each piece. Homeowners love Bertch because it allows them to customize their Bertch bathroom vanities to their preferred taste and space configurations. Bertch bathroom vanities come in a number of specialty options (specialty woods and finishes, distressed wood options, special effects, and more) ranging from traditional to contemporary styles.

Bertch bathroom vanities make a positive, lasting impression on homeowners because they have the look and feel of a beautiful piece of furniture. To learn more about the other furniture options available from Weinstein’s bathroom vanities showroom, visit their website today at

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