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Toilets – Options, Options, Options

When homeowners come to our bath showroom, they are often amazed at how many different options there are for their new toilet purchase. Homeowners know they can choose their preferred brand and color. They usually are surprised that they also need to choose the bowl shape, the toilet height, whether it is a one-piece or two-piece toilet, and whether it is a single or dual flush system. To help with the choices, here is an outline of decisions to be made:

  • Rough-in size: A rough-in is the distance from the wall to the center of the hole on which the toilet is mounted. Rough-in options are 10,” 12”and 14.” The rough-in needs to be carefully measured prior to purchasing a toilet.
  • Toilet type: Toilets come in one or two pieces. One-piece toilets are made for easy cleaning and a sleek look, while two-piece toilets have a more traditional look.
  • Bowl shape: Toilet bowls can either be round or elongated. Elongated bowls are often used when space is not an issue, while round bowls are used when space-saving is important.
  • Toilet height: Toilets are available in either standard height or comfort height. A standard height toilet is a lower bowl mostly found in older toilets, and a comfort height toilet is the height of a standard chair.
  • Flush system: A single flush system features a larger trapway which is the S-shape exiting the back of most toilets. A larger trapway can reduce or eliminate clogs. A dual flush system offers two options: full flushing and half-water flushing. This option makes the toilet more water efficient.

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