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Incorporating Glass in Your Bathroom

Whatever your decorating style, glass is a versatile material that will be great for any bathroom remodel. From intricate and patterned to smooth and sculptural, glass can be used to convey a classic or traditional look. Kohler’s exquisite bathroom sinks are inspired by generations of artisans, resulting in artistic fixtures with a wide range of shapes, sizes, and forms.

One-of-a-Kind Glass Sinks from Kohler

In Kohler’s glass studio, a variety of timeless glass sinks are designed and handcrafted by the glassmakers, into vessel, drop-in, and under-mount sink designs. Examples of Kohler’s spun glass, cast glass, or pressed glass bathroom sinks are pictured below:

  • Spun glass bathroom sinks are manufactured by spinning, using centrifugal force to pull the molten glass up the side of the die. The glass cools as it spins, setting into shape like frozen water.
  • Cast glass bathroom sinks are produced by filling a mold, then placing the glass in a special annealing oven, which allows it to cool slowly at a very controlled, pace for up to three days in order to toughen the material. Large and heavy cast glass sinks especially need time for the flow lines (like ripples) can settle.
  • Pressed glass bathroom sinks are poured into a die and pressed or stamped, enabling the sinks to showcase a variety of shapes and colors.

glass sinks

Unique, Contemporary, and Durable

Because the glass fixtures from Kohler are well-made, you can rest assured that breakage is unlikely to be an issue. An important factor, however, is to make sure that these sinks are installed properly. Get in touch with our showroom consultants and we can help you to choose the best fixture and assist with its installation.

Choose from a variety of colors, translucency, and textures. When it comes to the selection of artisan crafted glass sinks, you will be able to find selections that complement contemporary, classic, and traditional decor.

Glass Sinks at Weinstein Bath & Kitchen Showroom in Collegeville

Discover a new focal point for your bathroom with the glass sink selections at Kohler. We are ready to help you find the right fixtures that will reflect your style and life. Visit our showroom to order handcrafted glass bathroom sinks that can be ordered and delivered to your home in a matter of weeks.