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Bathroom Trend: All-White Bathroom Design Ideas

Repainting your bathroom? For a crisp and clean aesthetic, a white palette for your bathroom can impart a high-end look and have a powerful effect in clearing clutter – visually and mentally. Add visual interest to all white bathrooms with a variety of materials, fixtures, vanities, and accessories. With less color, you need to make the right combinations for a big impact. Here are some ideas for a white bathroom to get your project started.

Design Tips for White Bathrooms

Ivory, cream, eggshell, vanilla… you might be surprised by how many different shades of white you can choose from. From the walls to the tiles to the decorative details, a bathroom with different shades of white is sure to evoke a sense of calm, and reflect light in a unique way, whether you prefer a style that is traditional or modern.

Emphasize Natural Light

Regardless of bathroom size, white palettes are sure to invite in light for a blissful, spa-like atmosphere. Ideally, having natural light will enhance the beauty of a white bathroom. A room with several shades of white will be able to capture and reflect light unlike other colors so it will be bright and refreshing during the day, while warm and welcoming in the evenings.

Pair White with Neutral Colors

Mixing various shades of cream and beige with soft colors like light yellow or green can maintain a neutral yet interesting color palette for your bathroom. Incorporating such details like a separate dressing table, crown molding, bronze faucets, vessel-style sinks, and other intricate fixtures can contribute to a more sweet and soft cohesive look.

Experiment with Different Materials

Try pairing sleek and shiny white tiles with a wooden vanity. Or consider a marble countertop to coordinate with a ceramic floor tile. A transitional vanity can even combine classic and contemporary styles. Look for sinks with decorative metallic designs.

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