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Revitalizing the Utility Room

Do you have a utility room or laundry room in your home that has become the central place for laundry or gardening? Having a common multi-functional space that is accessible to all ages and lifestyles can be invaluable for a family. But while these utility rooms may be hardworking, they don’t have to be confined to a utilitarian style. For a space that is both beautiful and efficient, Kohler fixtures like the utility sink can transform the room design.

More Uses for Your Utility Room

Your utility room can be more than just a place where equipment and large appliances are kept. These versatile spaces are typically located near a first-floor entryway, perhaps wedged between the garage and kitchen, with a direct path outside to the backyard area. The advantage of having a command central where kids, adults, and pets can wash up before going inside has made the utility room one of the new emerging spaces in the American home.

Gardeners will appreciate having a utility sink that is shallow and wide enough for working with gardening pots and preparing plants. Kohler’s Harborview top-mount or wall-mount utility sink can double as a gardening or a kitchen sink, offering a roomy workspace and dual faucet locations. Harborview’s classic design is inspired by early-20th century sinks with easy-to-clean design features, an integrated apron, and a backsplash to help contain liquids. Crafted from enameled cast iron, this sink also resists scratching, burning, and staining.

As the utility room gains prominence in home design, you might be looking for the right fixtures to enhance the space. From cubbies and lockers that store the kids’ schoolwork and outdoor clothing, to devices that control heating and lighting utilities, to customized cabinetry and sinks, we can help you to discover the personalized décor that will incorporate a utility room into the overall design of the house.

Utility Sinks at Weinstein Bath & Kitchen Showroom in Collegeville

Come visit our showroom for a look at all the Kohler sinks we offer, and much more. Our showroom consultants are knowledgeable about the newest and best fixtures available so that we can help you to design your dream bathroom and kitchen areas! Contact us today to schedule a consultation.