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Choosing and Installing a Freestanding Tub

Once you have decided to invest in a freestanding tub, you will need to consider what type of freestanding tub will be best for you. As a substantial plumbing fixture and future bathroom focal point, freestanding tubs should be chosen and installed carefully.

Freestanding Tub Types

Floor-set models. These are freestanding bathtubs that sit directly on the floor – available in slipper, D-shape, oval, square, rectangular, round, and organically free-form. Ranging from less than 4 feet to nearly 7 feet, you can find a floor-set freestanding bathtub design that will suit your bathroom size.

Footed bathtubs. These offer a vintage feel, whether vintage or newly manufactured. Claw-foot tubs especially impart elegance, and traditional oval models may feature rolled rims. Contemporary versions may feature slipper-shape basins with ball or wooden-block feet.

Slipper bathtubs. These oblong tubs generally feature a heightened end that is meant for reclining.

Pedestal bathtubs. These feature a pedestal base that raise the tub basin off the floor for a distinctive aesthetic.

Freestanding Tub Installation

Freestanding bathtubs offer greater flexibility, but before you decide on a location, you will need to determine where the bathroom’s water pipes are and where to place the drain. Measure the available floor space and width of doorways, staircases, and hallways through which the tub will be carried. Check and see if your tub requires additional floor support. Look for bathtub fillers; if you choose an un-drilled tub, you may need to use a floor-mount tub filler or wall-mount faucet.

Installing freestanding bathtubs can be an involved process, but well worth it in the end. However, Kohler also offers traditional freestanding baths with an above-the-floor installation option. Because it does not require floor clearance for the drain, it is much quicker to install.

Inspired by Shaker Americana design, the Kohler Chess traditional freestanding bath exudes simplicity with a noble disposition. Built-in supports support the body comfortably, while the Lithocast cast resin material showcases hand-finished detail and is lightweight and easy to clean.

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