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Give Your Bath the Spa Treatment

Creating a spa oasis in your own bathroom can be as easy as reducing clutter, adding various accessories and soothing aromas, and if possible, upgrading necessary bathroom appliances. Just a few elements are needed to evoke a spa-like atmosphere – elements that can enhance your senses in both large and small bathrooms. Take a look at the following suggestions and transform your bathroom into a personal home spa environment.

1. Declutter

A key element for the spa look is the visual appeal of your bathroom. Generally, spas tend toward a minimalist style, which helps to maintain the serene and relaxing feel of the space. If your bathroom is cluttered in toiletries, makeup, and other products, look for storage solutions that can conceal necessary items. For other essential items, consider accessories that will complement the overall design.

2. Establish a color scheme

Neutral colors combined with bold accents and colorful accessories can set the tone for your at-home spa. Earth-tone colors can give your bathroom an organic, yet calming effect. Light and neutral color schemes work better for smaller bathrooms.

3. Find the right lighting

Lighting is another crucial aspect of creating the right bathroom ambiance. Recessed ceiling lights or wall scones that come with dimmer controls can allow you to soften your lighting and get a more spa-like feel.

4. Upgrade your bathroom appliances

Enhancing your shower experience is effortless with a luxurious shower head. Freestanding tubs, like the variety of baths from Kohler, can provide a unique centerpiece to suit any style. Even for smaller bathrooms, many manufacturers offer a wide array of tubs that are deep enough to soak but fit in smaller spaces.

5. Add the final touches

Other smaller details of your bath include aromatherapy and calming music, factors that will certainly help to set the mood for a home spa.

With just a few renovations and additions to your bathroom, you can immediately turn your bathroom into a luxurious oasis. Recreate the ultimate spa experience with help from our showroom consultants! We can guide you through the variety of bathroom fixtures that will be perfect for your home, from leading manufacturers like Kohler. Contact us at 610-409-2800 and get started on your project today!