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Freestanding or Built-In Bathtubs: Which is Best for You?

Homeowners looking for a new bathtub have two main choices: freestanding or built-in bathtubs. Today, many brands, like Kohler, offer a variety of well-designed and functional options. Which kind of bathtub is right for your lifestyle? Consider the following factors:


Freestanding tubs are usually larger than standard tubs, which allows for a more comfortable bath. However, if your bathroom does not have the adequate space, built-in tubs will typically be more space-efficient.


While design materials will vary, many freestanding tubs will be heavier than built-ins, and materials like concrete and marble will need extra reinforcement.


While standard built-in tubs are often more economical than their freestanding counterparts, the material, size and other optional features, such as air jets and heated surfaces, will bring the built-in tub’s price tag above that of a freestanding tub.


For many, freestanding tubs offer an element of luxury that is hard to match in a built-in tub and can easily become a stylish centerpiece of a bathroom.


While built-in tubs can function well as a bathtub and shower combination, this is not the case for freestanding tubs. However, built-in tubs offer less flexibility in placement.

Freestanding Tubs

If you have determined that a freestanding bathtub will work best for you, contact our showroom consultants and we will be glad to help! We can guide you through the many freestanding bath selections available to fit your budget and style. We only recommend high-quality tubs from manufacturers like Kohler, which incorporates ergonomic details and consumer experiences for best results.

Kohler’s freestanding baths feature deep soaking wells, lumbar supports, and a comfortable slope. One example is the Kohler Ceric, a clean and elegant freestanding bath made with custom Lithocast® Gloss cast resin material. This high-gloss material, combined with hand-finished detail, allows for dynamic style and character, while also being lightweight and easy to clean.

For more information about the Kohler products we feature at our showroom, make an appointment today or call us at 610-409-2800.