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Bathroom Medicine Cabinets to Reduce Bathroom Clutter

If you are in the process of a bath remodel or looking for new ways to upgrade your space, consider how a medicine cabinet could transform your daily routines. By utilizing your mirror space with a medicine cabinet, you can enjoy greater efficiency and less clutter in the bathroom. These mirrored storage bathroom cabinets can also bring style to your styling area. We offer selections from a variety of manufacturers. Kohler Verdera medicine cabinets and mirrors provide plenty of storage space, with adjustable glass shelves and optimally bright lighting to eliminate harsh shadows and hot spots. 

Do You Need a Bathroom Cabinet?

To keep everyday items out of sight but still easily accessible, medicine cabinets provide a convenient and concealed area to store products. Organize your toiletry items easily and reduce clutter. Add a dimmer switch for even more control over your lighting and high-end features like slow-close hinges. Medicine cabinets with mirrored interiors make it easier to see everything in the cabinet.

Far from old-fashioned, Verdera medicine cabinets and mirrors coordinate across a variety of design styles. Choose from surface-mounted cabinet options or recessed cabinets. The Verdera medicine cabinet features easy installation that work for both DIY and professional installation projects. Medicine cabinets come in a range of shapes and standard sizes to fit any size bathroom and match your individual needs. Frames can add a decorative and polished touch, while frameless cabinets offers a sleek aesthetic.

Bathroom Medicine Cabinets from Kohler at Weinstein Collegeville

See your bathroom in a whole new light with an attractive, functional medicine cabinet for your bathroom. Kohler Verdera medicine cabinets and mirrors are available in many different sizes and options. Made with rust-free aluminum, these bathroom cabinets are ideal for moist bathroom environments. If you are looking to sell your home, these cabinets can also add appeal to potential buyers because they make the bathroom more functional. If you are still unsure about whether a bathroom medicine cabinet will fit well into your design, visit our showroom to discuss the pros and cons of cabinets and decide which option is best for you.

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