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How to Customize Your Bathroom Medicine Cabinet

Create a bathroom cabinet that matches your styling space and the overall bathroom! Kohler features a variety of options that make it possible to fully customize your medicine cabinet through your frame selection and choice of mirrors and other accessories. Medicine cabinets come in a range of shapes and standard sizes to fit bathrooms of all sizes. You can choose a shape that reflects the lines of your architecture or the details of your faucets and fixtures.

4 Steps to Customizing a Bathroom Medicine Cabinet

Step 1: Choose a size

Measure the area accurately to be sure of the proper fit. A medicine cabinet should be narrower or the same width as the vanity. Measure the distance between your lights and the faucet to determine the maximum height. You will need a cabinet that can fit above the faucet and below the lights.

Step 2: Choose an installation type

After finding what your space can accommodate, decide on whether a surface-mount or recessed cabinet. If you cannot cut into the wall, a recessed cabinet will not be an option. Another option is to choose a dual-mount cabinet that can be recessed or surface-mounted.

Step 3: Choose a mirror

The mirror edges of a medicine cabinet can be finished in a variety of ways. Frames can add a decorative or polished touch that match the vanity and decorations; however, frameless cabinets have their own sleek and clean appeal. If you choose to with a frameless option:

  • A beveled or sloped finish at the edge of the mirror adds a polished elegance to the glass.
  • A flat-edge medicine cabinet provides the look of crisp lines and precise angles.

Step 4: Choose a finish and extra features

For a completely coordinated look, Kohler offers wooden frames that are designed to match specific vanity lines. Features like slow-close hinges ensure that your medicine cabinet doors close softly to protect the mirror and items within. Adjustable integrated task lighting get rid of harsh shadows and hot spots. Some models feature an adjustable magnifying mirror that slides up and down.

Bathroom Cabinets of All Styles at Weinstein Bath & Kitchen Showroom

Our showroom consultants can walk you through the entire process of designing the perfect bathroom medicine cabinet for your home. In order to make the process as stress-free as possible, call us or schedule an appointment and we will be able to prepare for your visit! We look forward to helping you find the best selection for your family.

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