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Take Your Shower to the Next Level: Kohler Shower Sprays

You’ve decided on the perfect shower configuration, the best showerhead for your needs, and the shower door that works for your space — what is next? Choosing the water delivery components for your shower is a large part of customizing your shower experience as it determines how the water will feel and what it will do.

Discover how you can take your shower to a new level with special spray functions, components, and fittings. From invigorating and strong to soft and soothing, shower sprays are purposefully designed to deliver specific sensory experiences that refresh the mind and uplift the spirit.

Luxurious Shower Sprays to Transform Your Shower Routine

The main component of a shower is water, so it makes sense to start with deciding on how you want the water will feel and what it should do. What is the most important function for you? Gentle washing? Rinsing hair?

Restoring Sprays: Gentle, restoring sprays with soft, silky droplets caress delicate skin in a warm embrace to relieve stress and impart a sense of well-being.

Rinsing Sprays: Kohler’s Katalyst technology infuses air into the water for larger and fuller water drops, creating the ultimate rinsing spray experience.

Massaging Sprays: Targeted, invigorating pressure and pulsating movement ease aching muscles and rejuvenate the skin.

Specialized Sprays: Try options like natural rain-like droplets that feel like a warm summer downpour or another one of our many specialized shower options for personalizing your shower.

Combine steam, music, and light together or add stand-alone components. Kohler’s SoundTile water-resistant shower speakers deliver high-performance sound while steam generators allow you to include your favorite scents with all the benefits of aromatherapy. Kohler’s WaterTile Ambient Rain combines overhead lighting with chromatherapy to help your mind and body become energized or relaxed

Love Your Shower with Weinstein Bath & Kitchen Showroom in Collegeville

Transport yourself from an average shower to a blissful bathing experience with the simplicity of a single spray or specialized, multi-function sprays. Are you looking for adjustable options like handshowers, shower columns, or slidebars?

Kohler’s shower kits offer quick design solutions that will enhance the style and functionality of your shower. Several kits allow you to upgrade your shower with minimal plumbing work. To explore all the options for shower sprays in your bathroom, talk to one of our showroom consultants today!

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