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Must-Have Kohler Kitchen Accessories

Did you know that Kohler offers accessories that perfectly match your kitchen’s style and meet your prepping and cooking needs? Create your own personal look with Kohler’s kitchen collections. These complete design solutions simplify the process of coordinating fixtures, faucets, and accessories. Here are a few must-have items that will add a finishing touch to your space.

kitchen sink with kitchen accessories

4 Must-Have Kitchen Accessories From the Kohler Collections

Artifacts soap dispenser

This countertop soap dispenser was designed to fit seamlessly with the fixtures within the timeless and classic Artifacts collection. Combining quality craftsmanship with a vintage artisan design, this collection establishes character and authenticity.

Farmstead towel bar

This towel bar was custom-designed for the Farmstead kitchen sink and mounts directly to the front of the sink to provide convenient storage for dish towels.

Octave sinks sponge caddy

If your kitchen has Octave double-equal or large/medium bowl kitchen sinks, the sponge caddy is designed to fit securely over the divider and store sponges and brushes. Made of durable stainless steel, this sponge caddy reduces clutter and keeps cleaning tools within easy reach.

Prolific large bamboo cutting board

kitchen accessories and sink with large bamboo cutting board

For an extension of your countertop, use this large cutting board, designed specifically to sit securely within the Prolific kitchen sink. The bamboo cutting board provides a work surface for prepping food directly over the sink that is easy to clean.

Kohler Kitchen Collections at Weinstein Bath & Kitchen Showroom, Collegeville PA

Equip your kitchen and make meal prep easier with functional kitchen accessories that can complement any kitchen style. Our kitchen showroom consultants can show you all the kitchen accessories that will beautifully complement your kitchen space. Make an appointment here.