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Weinstein’s Collegeville — Your Plumbing Supply House – Philadelphia, PA

At Weinstein Supply, we know that even a minor plumbing problem can often have a devastating effect on the entire household.  Our plumbing and heating supply counter in Collegeville carries a large number of plumbing products for homeowners, contractors, and plumbers who are looking for specific fittings, fixtures, faucets, valves, laundry sinks, pipe, tools, filters and much more.

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Residential and Commercial Water Heaters from Weinstein Supply’s Heating and Plumbing Supply – Philadelphia, PA

Anyone having experienced any type of plumbing mishap often considers that mishap to be a plumbing disaster. A toilet tank can crack and a hot water heater can leak or stop heating.  Both of these events are not mere nuisances; they are an enormous interruption to the daily lives of those using these household items. Fortunately for Philadelphia-area residents, Weinstein Supply in Collegeville is a heating and plumbing supply house carrying a wide range of plumbing supplies for repairing and rebuilding bathrooms and kitchens.

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