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Kohler Introduces New Venza Bathroom Faucet Collection

Kohler, a leader in kitchen and bath innovation, has introduced a new Venza bathroom faucet collection to inspire beautiful design in the bathroom. The simple yet sophisticated Venza collection combines simple architectural forms with sensual lines and blends organic design elements with crisp, minimal geometry for an overall dynamic look.

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Explore Kohler Collections for Bathroom Solutions

Many homeowners remodeling their bathrooms feel overwhelmed when choosing a bathroom design. If you have a specific bathroom design in mind, consider choosing fixtures from a Kohler bathroom collection. Each fixture within a collection comes together to reflect a unified and distinctive style. These collections include sinks, faucets, toilets, vanities, and accessories.

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Improve Your Fixtures with New Kohler Finishes

One of the steps when choosing new fixtures for a bathroom or kitchen is the color and finish of the fixtures. The finish of your fixtures establishes the mood of your space, especially for larger fixtures such as faucets or shower sidebars. So choosing the right finish for your remodeling project is essential. Look towards Kohler fixtures and finishes to get the style you want in your bathroom or kitchen. Here is how Kohler finishes can enhance your fixtures and some new exciting news for Kohler fixtures.

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A New Kohler Faucet Finish to Augment Your Bathroom Design

Kohler is adding a new finish, Vibrant Brushed Moderne Brass, to their Purist bathroom collection. This Kohler faucet finish continues Kohler’s ethos of a blend between classic and contemporary design. You can incorporate the Purist collection of faucets and other accessories easily into your bathroom design, making your bathroom feel more luxurious in the process. The components and construction of the Purist collection also provide durable, reliable, and efficient performance.

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How Kohler Parallel Bathroom Faucets Enhance Your Bathroom Design

Kohler bathroom faucets can elevate your bathroom design, and Kohler’s new Parallel bathroom faucets collection is proof. Refined and elegant designs complement a variety of different bathroom styles, offering versatility and range. The Parallel faucets also provide durability and efficiency, saving you both water and money. With many other Parallel fixtures and accessories, you can create a new, unified space within your bathroom. Below are some of the ways Kohler faucets enhance your bathroom design.

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How to Choose a Faucet for Your Bathroom Sink in 3 Steps

Buying a new bathroom sink faucet can be a challenging task. You have to consider many factors, such as installation, features, and design preferences. Also, a wide variety of brands and faucets are available. The bathroom sink is a vital fixture, so selecting the correct faucet is essential. Here are the steps for how to choose a faucet for your bathroom sink.

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