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Enhance Your Home with One-of-a-kind Bathroom Sinks from Kohler

Inspired by generations of great sculptures throughout the world, Kohler crafts a variety of artful bathroom sinks in a wide variety of materials, shapes, and sizes. We continue to showcase items from manufacturers that are committed to innovation and quality. Are you seeking a completely unique material for your home? There are few materials like glass, with the ability to convey timeless beauty in different colors and textures.

The objects you choose to decorate your home are a reflection of you. Part of the Artist Editions line of bath sinks, Kohler’s beautiful glass bathroom sinks can feature designs that range from intricate patterns to smooth and sculptural. Their sinks are made by glassmakers who heat, pour, and cool glass to shape sink designs, including glass vessel sinks, glass drop-in sinks, and even glass under-mount sinks. In fact, the details of each design determine which method is used to shape the sink.

Large and heavy cast glass bathroom sinks, like Kohler’s Antilia, are produced by first filling a mold, after which the glass is placed in a special annealing oven, where it cools at a very controlled, slow pace for up to three days. Pressed glass sinks, like Kohler’s Whist, are poured into a die and pressed or stamped, which allows for greater personalization. Spun glass bathroom sinks, like Briolette, are manufactured by spinning; centrifugal force pulls the molten glass up the side of the die so that it cools as it spins.

While evoking the soft movement of water or the lightness of a cloud, these sinks are substantial and durable. With reflective facets and innovative design, these sinks will shine like a jewel in your bath or powder room. Contact us today to find more creative options for your bathroom.