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How to Create a Timeless Design for Your Bathroom

Before you settle on a bathroom design, consider including elements that will ensure that it keeps its luster for years to come. An elegant, properly designed bathroom will always be in style. To help you create a space that is both classic and enduring, a timeless bathroom design, take a look at the following tips.

Do Research Before You Start Building

As you begin your remodel journey, establish a clear plan. Look at the designs of homes built in different centuries, research different architectural time periods, use history as inspiration. Knowing how you want to integrate your personal preferences with iconic design elements will make it easier to showcase your individuality in a timeless way. Layout the main pieces that make up the core of your bathroom. This is the crucial component; other accents like wallpaper and accessories can be experimented and changed more easily.

Choose Materials and Colors Carefully

Take note of the materials you use for the bathroom walls, floors, and cabinetry. Typically, poorly manufactured synthetic products will have short-life expectancies; stick with stone, brick, perhaps even wood options. Combine neutral fixtures and faucets with accents that showcase your personality, like vintage art accessories and flourishing ceiling decorations – the small details are a large part of creating a timeless bathroom. Finishes like nickel or marble have endured through several historic eras.

The Kohler Memoirs Collection offers a wide array of bathroom pieces with a modern spin on the classic bathroom. Stylized lines, sweeping curves and ornate details were built in to reflect the rich elegance of historically renowned furniture and architectural designs. And another plus? These functional fixtures are sure to blend with many styles down the road.

Integrate Your Home’s Features

A light and/or neutral color scheme and an abundance of natural daylight will keep your bathroom relevant in any era. Harmonize your designs by utilizing your home’s architecture. Get the most out of your remodel for years to come by incorporating timeless design elements. Need more inspiration? Our showroom consultants can help! Contact us today or visit us at our showroom.