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Why You Need Kohler Bathroom Accessories & Hardware

Kohler bathroom accessories and hardware can make a significant impact on your bathroom. You can add utility or functionality with certain accessories, such as shelves or digital interfaces. Hardware, such as faucets or cabinet handles, can also take your bathroom design to the next level through various styles and finishes. Take a look at why you should get Kohler accessories and hardware and some specific fixtures to consider.

Improved Functionality

Kohler DTV Mode digital shower interface in bathroom next to running shower handle | bathroom accessories | Weinstein Collegeville

One of the significant reasons to get Kohler bathroom accessories and hardware is the improved functionality and utility. For example, shelves and storage walls give you more options to reduce clutter in your bathroom and make items easier to find and use. Another example would be Kohler’s shower rods, which curve outwards away from a bath to give you extra space and clearance. Other accessories, such as grab bars, improve the safety and comfort of your bathroom. All of these accessories use clever design and even incorporate technology to make your daily routines more comfortable.

Beautiful Design

In addition to the innovative features and utility Kohler bathroom accessories and hardware bring, they are also beautifully designed to enhance your bathroom’s style too. While many homeowners choose to install grab bars in their bathrooms for safety, Kohler’s grab bars still incorporate various design styles to make the grab bars blend seamlessly with a bathroom’s design. Accessories and hardware in pristine finishes and colors can further reinforce your bathroom’s style. Faucet or drawer handles present other opportunities to make small yet noticeable improvements or bathroom design changes.

Examples of Kohler Bathroom Accessories & Hardware

Two Kohler products, the DTV Mode and the Artifacts Decorative Handles, are great examples of how accessories and hardware can enhance your bathroom’s functionality and design.

Kohler DTV Mode

Kohler’s DTV Mode is a digital interface for baths and showers, giving people an intuitive way of controlling their baths and showers for greater functionality. The digital temperature controls can allow you to find the exact temperature for the ideal shower or bath, thanks to numbers around the edge and digital thermostatic valve technology. For those who enjoy baths, the DTV Mode allows you to create up to 10 unique user bath pre-sets, cutting down on time spent waiting for waiting and watching the tub fill up. The device also syncs with Kohler’s mobile app, so you can remotely start your shower or bath or adjust settings such as duration and max temperature. With a sleek, minimalist design in beautiful finishes (such as matte black), Kohler’s DTV Mode shower interface can create the most convenient, ideal bath and shower experience.

Artifacts Decorative Handles

Kohler Artifacts decorative handles on bathroom sink | bathroom accessories | Weinstein Collegeville

For those looking for more traditional or intricate bathroom accessories or hardware, the Kohler Artifacts Decorative Handles are for you. The Artifacts Decorative Handles take design cues from 1800s hardware valve stops, made from unique marbles with extraordinary veining characteristics and designs. Each piece is shaped, sanded, and polished by hand, leading to unique appearances for each handle. The handles are also built using UltraGlide engineered ceramic disc valves to resist deterioration and maintain long-lasting, reliable performance. Elevate your bathroom design and style with Kohler’s new Artifacts Decorative Handles.

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