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What Are The Benefits of Under-Floor Radiant Heating?

Under-floor radiant heating is a technology that has seen increased use in recent years. These systems apply heat directly to the floor via panels rather than heating the air in a room like a traditional furnace. As the floor gets warm, that heat transfers throughout the room or to whoever is touching the floor.

Types of Under-Floor Radiant Heating Systems

The two primary types of radiant heating systems are hydronic and electric.

Hydronic Radiant Heating Systems

Hydronic systems use water-filled pipes under the floor that are heated by a boiler system to heat the floors.

Electric Radiant Heating Systems

An electric radiant floor heating system uses electric heating wires to heat the floors.

6 Advantages of Under-Floor Radiant Heating

These systems are gaining popularity with homeowners, who enjoy the increased comfort and lower energy bills associated with radiant heating. Some other benefits of an under-floor heating system include saving room space, creating a safe environment for children or pets, and easy and customizable operations.

1. Energy-Efficient

Roth radiant heat panel cover | under-floor radiant heating | Weinstein Collegeville

One of the main benefits of an under-floor radiant heating system is energy efficiency. Duct-based heating systems, like furnaces, circulate air throughout a home and then use an electric fan to distribute heated air. A big issue with forced-air heating systems is that those systems use a lot of energy to heat the entire house. In addition, furnaces lose energy due to leaks, poor insulation, and other issues. Under-floor heating uses pipes embedded in the floor to deliver heat directly to you. The result is that your heating system uses less energy (and loses less energy), resulting in lower utility bills.

2. Works With Almost Every Floor Covering Type

Radiant floor heating systems are versatile and can be installed on most floor types. Concrete, tile, stone, wood floors, and even carpets can have radiant flooring systems installed underneath. In addition, these systems can be installed on existing floors and are relatively easy to install.

3. Saves Space

Another benefit is that under-floor radiant heating saves space. These heating systems reduce the need for radiators, which take up space, and reduce the need for walls to be insulated or for a duct system to supply air to the heating. So you can use more of your home’s square footage for other purposes.

In addition, the space freed up allows you more flexibility with furniture placement. For example, you can place furniture items such as desks and beds wherever you choose without worrying about them being too close to a radiator or baseboard heater and creating a fire hazard.

4. Easy to Operate

Roth programmable thermostat | under-floor radiant heating | Weinstein Collegeville

You can customize the operation of a radiant heating system based on your preferences.

  • Thermostat – You can operate the under-floor heating system from a thermostat, which allows you to set and automatically adjust your home’s temperature.
  • Smartphone – If using a smartphone is more convenient than a traditional thermostat, many apps allow you to adjust an app’s settings instead of manually doing so on the device itself.
  • Remote control – If you prefer, you can use a remote control for the floor heaters. This method offers similar functionality by allowing users greater flexibility to interact with their systems.

5. Safe for Children and Pets

Under-floor radiant heating is invisible and safe for pets and children. In addition, the lack of exposed wires means zero chance of tripping over them and a lack of hot surfaces to burn you, your family, or your pets.

6. Reduce Dust and Allergens

Homeowners who suffer from allergies will benefit from under-floor heating in their homes. Duct-based heating systems can spread dust and allergens through the vents in a home, which under-floor heating avoids since the system heats the flooring directly. Getting rid of dust can help reduce asthma symptoms for those with this condition and eliminate some allergies by reducing allergen exposure.

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