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Update Your Kitchen with a Timeless Whitehaven Kitchen Sink from Weinstein Bath & Kitchen Showroom in Philadelphia

sinkModernizing your kitchen is one of the best investments you can make in your home. According to Consumer Reports, kitchens are one of the top five things that sell a home. Plus, not only does renovating your kitchen increase your home’s overall value, a renovation can also make a space more appealing and functional for homeowners while they still reside in their home.

While the large-scale items are important, the finer details can be just as effective. Cabinets, floors and large appliances often make the biggest statement, but the little details can be impressive as well. Today’s accessories and small appliances, plus kitchen decor odds and ends, span numerous design aesthetics. However, Kohler’s Whitehaven Kitchen Sink line fits a number of styles. From farmhouse-rustic to contemporary, Whitehaven Kitchen Sinks embody a classic look meant to last for generations.

What Makes Whitehaven Kitchen Sinks Unique?

Kohler’s Whitehaven Kitchen Sinks reflect a vintage style, yet possess an alluring modern twist. Whitehaven come in a myriad of sizes and styles made to fit your needs. Part of what makes the Whitehaven line so popular is its apron-front styling. The sinks are ideal for those seeking a more uncomplicated accessory, and are easy to install because of its self-trimming feature.

The self-trimming feature hides rough cuts and also means that the cut does not need to be precise. In many cases, you can keep your existing cabinetry since Whitehaven offers a 7-inch short apron that fits in lieu of many common sinks.

The Benefits of Whitehaven Kitchen Sinks

Kohler’s Whitehaven series can instantly transform a space into something fresh and new. Beyond that, the series has many other benefits for homeowners:

  • Timeless: Provides a look that works in kitchens for years to come.
  • Durable: Made of Kohler’s signature enameled cast iron, the sinks are guaranteed not to burn, chip or crack.
  • Options: With 12 models to choose from, one is bound to fit your space.
  • Functional: Under-mounting makes cleaning a snap, and you can choose a single or double sink configuration, including models with a low-barrier Smart Divide®.

Find a Whitehaven Kitchen Sink at our Philadelphia Kitchen Showroom

The Kohler Whitehaven series is one of many excellent lines we carry at our bath and kitchen design showroom in Philadelphia.

For more information, drop by Weinstein Bath & Kitchen Showroom, or contact us with your questions!

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