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Spend Less Time Cleaning with Kohler Corbelle ContinuousClean Technology

Think of the time and energy you would save by using Kohler’s Corbelle with ContinuousClean two-piece toilets in your bathroom. The ContinuousClean technology automatically dispenses cleaning solution with every flush, helping to keep your bowl cleaner longer. Paired with Revolution 360, Kohler’s powerful flush technology, ContinuousClean raises toilet cleanliness to a new level.

Efficiency for Your Bathroom Routines

The Corbelle design features a skirted trapway and elongated bowl with a patented ReadyLock™ installation system. Revolution 360 sends water around the entire bowl for complete coverage, while the CleanCoat technology inhibits the growth of bacteria, mildew, and mineral deposits.

On select toilets, ContinuousClean is factory-installed and built into the tank.

How to Use ContinuousClean:

  1. Place a cleaning tablet in the tank compartment.
  2. Set the desired amount with the adjustment dial.

That’s it! The system does the rest of the work. Once you set it up, you won’t have to worry about it until the light indicates you need new cleaning tablets.

Kohler Corbelle is a true self-cleaning toilet – there aren’t any buttons to push. It simply cleans automatically and consistently with every flush.

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Well-designed bathrooms can help you increase the efficiency of your daily routines through innovative products like the Kohler Corbelle toilet. Our showroom consultants can help you to determine which products would work best in your home. Visit us at our showroom or call 610-409-8500 to schedule an appointment.

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