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Smart Bathroom Technologies That Work With Amazon Alexa

With today’s variety of smart home products, technology can completely transform our daily routine and automate everyday tasks for our convenience. Play music or listen to the radio while taking a bath or shower. Catch up on news, weather and traffic while getting ready. Ask a virtual assistant to make a pot of coffee, adjust the thermostat, or even vacuum the house before you even get out of bed. The debut of the Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror adds another product to the collection of other smart bath and kitchen products that Kohler offers.

A Better Bathroom Experience is Words Away

The Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror has Amazon Alexa built in, which allows for effortless control of the lighting and the mirror. With simple voice commands, you can adjust the lighting levels hands-free while styling hair or applying makeup, or listen to standard Alexa features like playing music or receiving traffic updates. Verdera also includes a motion-activated nightlight.

Other modern smart home fixtures from Kohler Konnect includes the Sensate Kitchen Faucet, which enables you to use voice commands to turn the water on or off, or even dispense a specified volume of water; the KonnectDTV+ Shower System, which enables you to use voice commands to adjust the water temperature, control the showerheads or spray patterns, adjust music or lighting, turn on steam, and set the duration of a shower using voice commands; the PerfectFill Kit, which is designed to let you automatically fill a bathtub to a precise depth and temperature of water so it’s ready when you get home; the Numi Intelligent Toilet, which lets you customize the toilet by adjusting ambient colored light, Bluetooth music syncing, heated seat and foot warmer, and more.

Modern Smart Home Fixtures For Your Bathroom from Weinstein Bath & Kitchen Showroom

From warming your toilet seat to starting your perfect shower, integrated Amazon Alexa technology provides everyday assistance that transforms your entire experience. For more cutting-edge features in your bathroom and kitchen fixtures, visit our showroom in Collegeville, PA and ask our showroom consultants about our latest products.

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